Sunday, August 06, 2017

Death Castle (Part 2)

This continues the re-presentation of the original Death Castle thread I originally posted on way back in 2008. See Part 1 for why I am reposting it here.


Death Castle -A restoration project


Now with crenelations!

I can now cross one item off of my list: The crenelations are done. They are not the smoothest cuts, and this is intentional. A quick subtle blast of spray paint on these new openings will help maintain the weathered look of the rest of the castle. I have also made the opening above the door larger. I’m still working out whether to do this to the opening at the back of the building also.

With Empire models for scale purposes.

I have decided that that corner will be where the building will go and I have decided that the building will be a tower. The tower will be tall, acting as a stairwell, and keep. Attempting to model stone steps for Warhammer has always bothered me; Castle steps tend not to be very wide, and if you ever toured an ancient castle you’ll know what I mean. But in order to make them functional for this game they need to be big enough to support the required base sizes. The tower will prevent the need to model it. Also my inner wall expansion will drastically reduce the space inside the courtyard making steps even less practical. The tower I’m going to make large enough to hold a basic 20 man unit on top of it. I’m also thinking I should have enough room to place a balcony of some kind on it, perhaps as a battle platform for a long range wizard or a sharpshooter. I’ve spent some time creating a "skeleton" for the tower and what I’ll do is layer on pieces of the Styrofoam sheet and add doors, arrow slits, etc.  

A small but important step for Death Castle...

After posting the 1st two posts back in 2008, 2 old friends of Doc TSG and myself, Scott H and Jason V both chimed in with some encouraging comments:

Jason V:
Wow, I remember that castle.  (Doc TSG) had a playing field almost 8 feet long, and he used to get big chunks of wood and moss to use for foliage.  It actually came out pretty cool.  Have fun restoring it!

Scott H: 
Ah, yes.   Castille de Muerte.  AKA the Castle of Doom.  Anybody unlucky enough to start the game defending it, or foolish enough to move units in there during the course of play, would quickly affirm the aptness of the moniker.  Whole units of Eldar, mobs of Orks (including, naturally, Warboss retinues), squads of Space Marines and platoons of Imperial Guard are all laid to rest within its enduring testament to the fact that static defenses have no place in 41st century warfare.  Especially when Vortex grenades and D-Cannons abound!


thebob489 said...

This would be a hell of board to play on!

neverness said...

I always thought so. Re-presenting this old thread on my blog has got me thinking about actually finishing this project. If I don't have a game next week I just might work on it some more...