Monday, August 28, 2017

Death Castle (Part 6)

This post continues the re-presentation of the Death Castle thread I originally posted on back in 2008. See Part 1 for why I am reposting it here (hint: Photobucket's bad corporate decision). 


 Death Castle has slowly progressed.

The part that took me the longest was mounting the plastic Mordheim frame into the main entry way and filling in the resulting gaps. 

The egress is formalized.

For some reason I convinced myself that Woodglue would make a great filler (and it does the trick rather well on small gaps) but the slow drying time proved to be a challenge. I still need to tidy up some areas on the frame. 

Filling the gaps with wood glue.

I have this great latex modeling filler but I seemed to have misplaced it and I’ve not had the spare time to go seek out more at the local stores.

Next came the most important step so far, the joining of the two halves! Death Castle is now whole again!

Joined as one! I am holding it above my head in this picture.

I then proceeded to take old TP tubes and cut out patterns similar to the “rocky” surface of the Styrofoam walls and glued them onto the columns. This should create a more unified look once painted.

Stone patterns on columns.

They seriously are TP tubes.

Next step: Finish filling in all the gaps, and then prime the whole thing so far with Design Masters flat black before adding on the rampart extensions and finishing the tower.  

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