Saturday, September 02, 2017

Neverness goes to TBS Comics!

Traffic in Florida.

We went to Florida, to the beach, only to find that Hurricane Harvey decided to have it's way with the gulf region at the same time that we had scheduled this trip.

Two Red Flags = Stay out of the water! 

So we explored the town's shopping options (we're Americans, it's what we do) and we found TBS Comics at Fort Walton Beach. It's a big store, however I easily spotted the gaming area upon walking in. Although there wasn't anyone playing at the time, I was still very impressed with the tables they have there. Each of the tables has a frame with it's own overhead light set up to illuminate the board. The scenery was nice as well. I didn't think to take any pics though. They do have a video showing these tables posted on their Facebook page.

Mrs. Neverness found the Wonder Woman comic she had been trying to find for over a year, and I found the GW area and grabbed up the new Chaos Codex and cards. Right next to that area was a large glass case full of painted miniatures. Mostly Orks. And mostly scratch built vehicles or heavily converted ones. I had to take pics of these!

How many Primaris Marines = a Master Chief?

The centerpiece, the thing that commands you to stop and gawk, is the massive walker based off the Covenant one from the Halo video game series. It is huge and awesome! It has lots of details including a marine on top of it challenging some orks.

They'll loot anything!
Next is a looted Valkyrie. I thought this was pretty darn cool. I've had Valkyrie-envy since the model was released but never got one as I have yet to ever get around to working on my Imperial Guard. But to convert it over to a looted ork vehicle just never would have crossed my mind.

Big ork vehicle parade!

All sorts of scavenged and looted parts were used on everything in this collection. This dred is no exception as well as that massive tank behind it.
Vehicle mounted Tractor Cannon?
Towards the rear of the dispay was a group of looted vehicles that appeared to have converted Tractor Cannons or Lifta Droppas on them. They were really fun models to look out. Notice in the pic below the rear side of a scratch built Squiggoth!

Meks At Work.
Buggies! The next pair of pics detail the amazing scratch built buggies that were on display as well.

Of course the red onez are in front...

...the blues take the rear. And checkout that death roller!
It wasn't all orks on display, checkout these weird chaos constructs:

Sprue Spawns.
I mean, with the premium prices of the physical plastic sprue frames, this kind of makes sense...

...and while speaking of chaos, has a more subversive, dark and sinister warband ever been assembled?

Everything's A-OK.
Those were so much fun. I don't know who modeled those but I am glad they were on display, so thanks to TBS for hosting them. Also thanks to the helpful staff that assisted us and especially for helping Mrs. Neverness out with her Wonder Woman questions.

I made some purchases, something to read while waiting on the sun to return. The new Chaos Codex, the accompanying card set, and the free Battle Primer. The Chaos Codex is a nice book so far, but as usual I probably won't have a true opinion about it until I play a few games with it. Weird that GW had no other chaos paintings to use for a cover considering that this was the cover of the 6th Ed Codex (late 2012?).

My purchases and plug for TBS Comics.
 So if you find yourself at Fort Walton Beach on the Florida Panhandle stop by their store and support them. And don't forget to check out that display case, my pics do not do them justice!

Meanwhile, on the beach:

Hivefleet scouts detected! 


Rory Priest said...

Sorry to hear things got thrown off by weather. Some nice conversions there though.

neverness said...

Only day 1 was affected, the remaining 5 days were awesome.

Crazy conversions to be found in that case. I really dig that Sesame Street squad...

Zzzzzz said...

Dude. You got crabs !