Thursday, October 12, 2017

Original Ork Dread (Part 2)

When we left off in part 1 of this Dreadtober project, I had just completed the modeling of the base. This is it's current state:

Base coated.
After priming the model using only the finest of primers (Chaos Black in a spray can) I proceeded to basecoat the grot "pilot" using Caliban Green.

Pilot base coated.
I then worked on the base by getting the dirt and rocks mostly finished.

Bases painted
Then I moved on to basecoating the whole model using Fiery Orange. I applied the first coat (in the pic below) a bit too thin so I added about 2 more layers on top of this. There was far too much black showing thru for my liking.

Fiery Orange layer.
And that is where it's at. I know, it's not dramatic progress,  but hobby time has been limited. So I will use the remainder of this space to get a bit notalgic. I wanted to see painted examples of this model simply because it is so old and weird that I was (and am) unsure what's what on it. Luck would have it that GW showcased this in an early '90's 'eavy Metal article that showcased Dreadnoughts. And, bonus points, it's in Badmoon colors!

Badmoon dread (and more) by the 'eavy Metal team.
Note that this example has longer and taller legs than the one I am painting. And a back banner. I have decided not to fool with a banner -at least for now! The early Ork Dreads were often modeled with the hatch on the driver's heads, as if to imply that they were peaking out. This carried over to the 2nd Edition Ork Dreadnought also, and I just never really liked it. Althougb I find this image inspiring, this era of Ork paint schemes never truly grabbed me because I found them to be too clean, a bit 'clownish', and not gritty enough for how I envisaged the Space Ork Raiders. The model I am painting should come out quite a bit more battle-scarred then this example. Hopefully. It definitely won't have red claws!

Also, no way could I move on without mentioning that Blood Angel Dreadnought; I have always kind of adored this version with the stubby legs. And missile launcher was also my favorite gun option for it too.

Options, lots of options.

This is a catalogue entry displaying the various components. All the Ork Heavy Weapons of the era could work with it's weapon mounts. The miniatures I got however both had the same options in their respective blister packs (lascannon and Heavy Flamer), and they have performed decently for me over the decades so I haven't seen a justification for switching them out.

Seriously, what's with the red claws?

As you can see in this image, and the one below, the model was sold as both the two armed version (killer kan?) and as a four armed expansion pack. By the time I got them I was living back here in the States,  and GW US was selling them in a combined pack.

A snip from the original White Dwarf ad.
I still really like that red scheme! It was a pre-clan-era scheme, and it's a shame it didn't stick around. It contrasts well with the green skin of the orks.

I hope you enjoyed the flash back, hopefully soon I will have more progress on the model to show you. Till then, WAAAAARGH!


Mordian7th said...

Nice work, man! I always love seeing the old models again!

Siph_Horridus said...

Love it, coming along great! Love the old school cool being updated.

neverness said...

Thanks again! Since posting this I have started painting the yellow. I like how that is beginning to turn out and look forward to sharing it with everyone.

Rory Priest said...

Great to see the old model getting some love.