Wednesday, December 13, 2017

C3 Strike Troopers -BtGoA (Part 1)

After sitting on this set for a year and a half, it was time to get started on assembling these models. The inspiration (i.e. kick-in-the-rear) came from the Bob who got a set of his own and wasted no time putting it altogether and asked me if we could play through some of the starter scenarios. We haven't gotten to that point yet, so I thought it might be nice to double up everything when we do. So I have begun assembling my The Xilos Horizon minis, starting with the Concord guys.

The 1st three models.

More guys and some drones.

Unfortunately I found assembling these guys to be more of a chore than fun, so now it's been about 5 months since I wrote that top paragragh, and we are now approaching the 2 year mark since I bought the Xilos Horizon set. But I have pushed on and have assembled a lot more of these guys. Now, it should be obvious from the nature of this blog, that I like building models and assembling miniatures. But after putting together the first five or so guys, I found that these Concord models are bit boring to assemble. There are a lot of parts for guys with fairly limited poses.

A 5 man squad still on sprue.
These parts in the next pic are what is needed to assemble just one guy. This guy in particular is a squad leader.

To a degree, I can understand the basic troops having just one set of arm options. After all, they have a standard weapon (and function) but the squad leader should have more than one option! His arm options are a slack right arm and stiff left one. The slack arm is very well sculpted to give the appearance of a heavy gun, but that also limits how you can model it. In the next pic you can see that in an effort to break up the monotony I had this arm appear to be swaying either forward or back a bit depending on the over all stance of the figure. The left arm juts straight out and, depending on how you position it, the gesture can be interpretted as giving a direction or as if he is flailing.

Concord dance try-outs.
Much to my own, admittingly twisted, sense of humor, I could not help but imagine those squad leaders all saying different things. So, from left to right:
"I don't even know these assholes!"
"Hold that elevator!!!"
"Woe, hold on here guys..."

Haha, anyway, persistence paid off and I got all the Concord plastics built. I like them, but damn were they a lot of work to assemble. My favorite models are the gun drones. I am considering magnetizing their weapon options but we'll see.

All put together. Mostly. 

After nearly two years I am still struggling to decide on a color scheme. They remind me of the Spartans from Halo so I am toying with painting them sort of like that. We'll see...

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Da Masta Cheef said...

When I was looking into the 15mm Gruntz, I was hunting all over ebay for some of those mini drones to use as UAVs. But couldn't find any aside from the metal versios which are 2-piece minis that look prone to easy breakage.

Oh well, doesn't matter now I suppose.