Sunday, December 17, 2017

Death Castle (Part 11.5)

This post concludes the re-presentation of the Death Castle thread I originally posted on way back in 2008. See Part 1 for why I am posting it here.


Originally posted on Warhammer-Empire March 20th 2009
Did some more work on the castle today.

Bird's eye view of the top. 

Here is a birds eye view of the top of the tower with the roof stones complete. After some experimenting I opted not to put a handle or hinges on any kind on the roof hatch so as not unbalance any models that may be positioned on the roof. So this is essentially done.

 Though it may be hard to see in some of these pics, I did randomly highlight a few stone by giving them a mix of a watered down brown / flesh ink wash.

After finishing that, I put the handles on the doors! They came out OK I think. I painted these metal, and they stand out good I think.

I painted the housing for the banner pole a rusty metal color to convey a bit of age to the tower (as if it didn’t look war-torn and ravaged already!). I also added some rust color to the stone beneath to show the rocks being stained by the slow decay of the banner holder.

And finally here is a profile shot taken outside in natural lighting.

The next step is the balcony. It may be awhile until the next post as not only will that part of the project be time consuming, but work is about to get a bit taxing.  

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