Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Slaughterpriest (Part 3)

Ready to preach slaughter.

The Slaughterpriest is finished.

Here are the final steps that got him here, continuing onwards from Slaughterpriest Part 2, it was time to add the Blood Red to the armored areas.

Blood Red for the armor. 
I then put some focus on the other areas, such as the leather straps and flaps and bronze bitz. 

Something was bothering me though. This model is weird in a subtle way and I kept looking at White Dwarf , Warhammer Visions and other places for color reference on this miniature. Then it struck me; I have made a hilarious mistake! His whole leg is supposed to be armored and somehow I was painting it in a what almost looked like he was wearing armored garters and thigh-highs. I corrected the error right away. Mrs. Neverness thought it was too funny and that I should've left it. In hindsight, I did think the models looks a bit more interesting somehow, but fixing it back would be too much work.

Now with full leg protection. 
Moving on, I added some bronze to the other metal bitz. He is starting to look more uniform now to his World Eater cousins.

Magenta Ink on his mutating arm.
I started at the hand and thinned it down toward the elbow to create a fading effect. I then washed it with Druchii Violet before highlighting the arm with Bugman's Glow. This technique was taken from White Dwarf (the issue this miniature came free with) and although I was reluctant to try it at first I am pleased with the final results. I had to substitute Magenta Ink for Carroburg Crimson simply because I don't own it. The Magenta Ink seems to be a close substitute. Another added bonus was that I discovered that when thinned down with water, Magenta Ink makes a fine 'blush' tone, great for creating sore and other indications of irritated skin. I applied this in a few stratefic parts of his body and in his open scars.

Mutation arm and Other details finished.
Add with completion of a few minor details the model was essentially done.

Finished - front view

Finished- side view

Finished- rear view.
Now at some point in the New Year I'll be looking to add a full unit of Chaos cultists to my assortment of Chaos goons. After all this guy needs somebody to boss around, right?

"Tell me child, have you bled for Khorne today?"

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