Thursday, December 28, 2017

Daemonettes (Part 2)

Hold on, this is gonna be a big 'un:

Epic even.

I enjoyed the heck out of painting a few Slaanesh Daemons back in the Spring and I've been eager to do so again. In particular I am referring to Daemonettes Part 1 and She Who Milks. Both painting projects went surprisingly fast and I had hoped that I could pull that off again. This project will complete this unit of ten models. Since I have already gone into detail in Part 1 and on the She-Who-Milks thread, I shall not repeat myself here, however what follows is what I can best describe as a slideshow of those steps.


Warpfiend Basecoat.

Druchii Violet wash.

Daemonette Flesh.
This next pic was a stage comparison showing where these models were currently at vs. How they would appear when done.

Stage comparison.(the flanking models are done.)

Warpfiend Flesh.

Slaanesh Gray and Slaanesh Grey/White Scar highlight.

Bone color on the skulls.

Next, the golden armor and trinkets where painted in Brazen Gold, then inked with Chestnut Wash before being layered again in Shinning Gold.

Gold areas after the Chestnut Ink wash. 
Lots of details added.
"I shall call you Mini-Moo."
 The leader of this daemonic pack is the old epic Keeper of Secrets. Conveniently sized to also go alongside the old Daemonettes. I originally thought I could use her as a Herald, but another model has been selected for that honor (oooh, foreshadowing!).

Grabbing air.

I have nick-named this one 'Henti Fist', for reasons that ought to be apparent...

Tentacle arm.

These two are the same mini, just different colored armor. They have Fiends of Slaanesh heads and swords. Which had given me some neat color scheme ideas regarding my Fiends unit.

Fiend heads.
 And here they all are, finished and flocked and gathered in their daemonic brilliance.
All together.

And with that, all of my old Rogue Trader era Daemonettes are now painted. But my flirtation with Slaanesh is far from over. Oh no, this going to blossom into a full-on affair in the New Year.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Full on affair huh? I'm sure that has nothing to do with their forthcoming codex...

neverness said...

A happy coincidence.

Rory Priest said...

Love the old school epic scale keeper of secrets.