Friday, January 12, 2018

Feeling Khorney (Part 10)

The decal project on the 1st squad has been completed, with only one model not getting any decals. That model being the very first model of the group that I painted and that I still feel is the example that I hold all my Khorne paint-jobs up against. You can see an example of that in Feeling Khorney Part-1.

The berserkers are pretty-much done!
In these pics, their bases have been flocked and all that is left to do is touch up a few bases that had some ink splashes on their rims and spray a fixative on them. But otherwise, they are now, finally, done.

A mob of pure crazy.

I wanted to take a moment to show the Icon Bearer for this unit. He is totally kit-bashed, with his body being from the marine sprue from the 3rd edition starter set, a fantasy Khorne head, and an old metal arm bit that I think was from the late '90s Chaos Marauder. Anyway, I love how he has turned out. Here he is from four different angles:

Look'n at you!

The big banner.

Marauder arm.

Backside and view of decal.

He is a unique figure in my World Eaters force and I am glad he is now fully assembled.

And as promised in Part 9 here are the dancers & prancers with their Blood Red mid-coats.

I still need to build up their bases before doing anything else with them, like sticking arms and heads on them. I should have them done in approximately 3 years....


Siph_Horridus said...

That’s a lovely hue of red, nice work

neverness said...

Thanks. I love the '90's Citadel Blood Red over Scab Red and I am pleased with the results.