Monday, September 11, 2017

Death Castle (Part 7)

This post continues the re-presentation of the original Death Castle thread I originally posted on way back in 2008. See Part 1 for why I am reposting it here.


Originally posted July 26 2008.

Death Castle is slowly starting to come along. I've spent a few evenings filling holes, plugging gapes, filling in cracks and smoothing over seams. Not all of them though, I am wanting the final product to maintain a 'rough' look. 

Here's my assistant checking on the quality of my work:

"This piece requires extra scrutiny."

Once that was done, I went ahead and finally spray painted the main body of the castle black. Finally, after 20 years, this Castle has been successfully painted black!

Death Castle- primed! 

I'm sure I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but the paint I used was a floral designers spray paint called Design Masters. You can find it in the U.S. at most Arts & Craft stores or any where that sells fake decorative flowers. Here's what the can looks like, next to a piece of Styrofoam that had been sprayed with it. This is a Flat Black (gloss will not be good for the additional paint I will be applying).

Design Masters,  the safe way to paint Styrofoam.

This other pic shows what a blast of normal black spray paint does to Styrofoam (in case the earlier pics of Death Castle didn't reveal enough already). The spray paint used in this example was Krylon. It causes a chemical reaction that burns and bubbles away at the foam leaving very little color and obvious damage. It can be used intentionally however to create battle damage, and looks really good on some of my 40k scenery. 

Styrofoam damaged by regular spray paint.

Coming up next, I need to tackle the tower...


Greg Hess said...

I experienced the same thing when trying to cover styrofoam in a "texture" rattle can spray. It did not have the effect I wanted!

Rory Priest said...

Near twenty years ago I made some ork terrain from foam like that and wanted the melted effect.