Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Supply Drop Tussle.

Hello, and welcome to our first Battle Report in quite some time.

The Bob and I have been trying to arrange a game all summer and finally the stars aligned to make it happen. We are both easing into Warhammer 40K 8th Ed but not at a place where either of us feel like giving it a go yet. So, we chose Kill Team. This pleased me as it finally gave me the opportunity to play with my Celestial Lions Kill Team that I had spent so much time on.

We rolled up the mission, but disliked what we rolled and we instead decided to try out Supply Drop. Our wonderful game store, HobbyTown in Johnson City , recently expanded out their play area and we now have 4 tables permanently (-ish) set up there and awaiting use. We decided to give the lava board a try. We set it up to look a bit like a recently abandoned military installation.

How much do lava vents bring down property by?
Bob brought out his Dark Angels:

Another secret meeting.
...and I introduce the Celestial Lions to their first game.
"Don't eat the yellow snow guys..."
Leader Traits were generated, with the Dark Angels getting Unshakeable Dedication to Duty, which just turns him into a more zealous zealot than he already was. And the Celestial Lions got A Cunning Ruse which allowed me to split and place half my Kill Team into Reserves for some tricky infiltration tactics.

Celestial Lions Deployment.

My Specialists were the Missile Launcher with Sharpshooter (which ignores cover), Grav Gun guy with Relentless, and Scope Bolter guy with Move Through Cover.

Dark Angels deployment.
Turn 1, and we start out the game with the cover of darkness for a round. The cover bonus truly helped as it allowed one of my guys to save from an attack from the Dark Angels. My shooting was...scary-bad. I hit with most shots but wounded with nearly none. The one model that was wounded made his save. Both sides advanced towards the objective markers looking for the real objective; and it was the DA Kill Team leader who found it. It was way over on my left flank close to the DA deployment zone.

"This is the brew we are looking for!"
A Ravenwing biker would declare a charge on my Kill Team leader only to be vaporized by his plasma pistol on the Overwatch shot! First Blood goes to the Celestial Lions!

Turn 2, all but one of my outflankers arrive. This would turn out to be an exciting round of the game.
"Hey, THAT is our brew!"
A number of targets would get cut down in this round including the Dark Angel leader who was ambushed by the outflankers. One of the Ravenwing would also get picked off as well by the missile laucher whose Ignore Cover ability would deny the Ravenwing biker's ability to Jink.

"Target clear!"
Turn 3, The Dark Angels, although taken back by the Lion's effective round 2, rebounded quickly after seeing them totally fail on Turn 3. They turned their focus on to the objective killing the two Lions who had killed their leader on Turn 2.

Back on Turn 2 my Grav Gun guy with Relentless arrived via his Ouflanking maneuver, and he and the Dark Angel on top of the bunker traded shots but either failed to hit, failed to wound or the other guy saved. Another Lion, on the otherside of the bunker, also targeted that DA and failed to eliminate him also. On Turn 3 the last reserved CL, "Beakie", came on and joined Grav Gun Guy. And so it was that it was three Celestial Lions vs. a single Dark Angel and no one was able to take anyone else out! When Turn 4 came up, I gave up and moved the Lions towards the objective as dealing with this seemingly unkillable grunt was proving to be fruitless!

"No one will take this bunker from me!"
Turn 4, and the bunker guy would continue to trade shots with the three Celestial Lions as they moved away from him, and still no one died.

On the other side of the battlefield the Dark Angels would manage to kill the Lion on top of the big bunker, while the last Ravenwing would move in for an attack run on my leader.

Ravenwing spots his next target...
The Dark Angels would retake the objective, while the Ravenwing biker shoots his bolters at the Celestial Lion's leader. Surviving that attack, the biker then declared a charge.

However for the second time in this game, my leader would successfully hit with his Overwatch attack, vaporizing another charging Ravenwing biker!
Lion Sgt vapes the biker!
Turn 5, and I guess killing 2/3s of the Ravenwing with Overwatch shot make the Sgt cocky, so he declared a charge against the missile launcher, narrowing avoiding the snap fired Krak missile that flew past his head! However neither foe would eliminate the other and they would be locked in combat.

Locked in combat!
Also in that turn Dark Angel holding the objective would be killed by one of the advancing Lions.

Now Broken, the Dark Angels had to make break tests. The lone Dark Angel holding the bunker must have been upset that the Celestial Lions passed him by because he just up and left!

Meanwhile the other Dark Angel dove into the frey to assist the Missile Launcher guy.

Two on one!
If only they were 3's...
The above pic shows the roll made for the 3 Save attempts my Sergent was forced to make. As you can see, he was eliminated. And he failed to take any of the other guys with him!

Starr of Turn 6.
With fresh blood on their treacherous hands, the two Dark Angels, having defeated my leader, consolidated closer to the objective.

Bottom of Turn 6.

It's the bottom of Turn 6, and Bob is thinking it's game over and that there is no way he can recover. I pushed him to roll for game length anyway and suggested to him that if he threw both his surviving Dark Angels at the Lion on the objective that he could pull off a win. Not expecting the dice to co-operate he rolls and sure enough the dice gods decree that the game goes on! And, continuing the trend, those damn Angels live through everything the Lions throw at them. They then boldly approach the objective, staying just an 1" away from the Celestial Lion who is claiming it. Bob was about to forgo his shooting phase so that both his guys could charge when I, nice guy that I am, point out that his guys probably have Bolt Pistols they could switch too. "Oh yeah..." he says, as he casually shoots the Lion in the head.

"It's not an execution, more like a merciful release."

And with that fatal shot, the Dark Angels claim the Objective and Break my Kill Team!

Our VPs tallied out as follows;

Celestial Lions: First Blood, Slay the Leader, Linebreaker and Break Enemy for a total of 4 VPs.

Dark Angels: Slay the Leader, Break Enemy and The Objective for a total of 5 VPs.

End of Turn 7.

My MVP was probably my leader, the Sergeant, for his amazing Overwatch kills on those Ravenwing bikers.

I think Bob's MVP was his Missile Launcher guy. That guy absorbed a lot of firepower! Most of my (albeit stray or dud) missle shots were directed at him, and other marines also shot at him. Then of course my Sgt failed to kill him in two close combat phases. He was definitely a survivor in this fun any-way-it-could-go, game. Thanks again Bob!


thebob489 said...

My MVP may have been you and your suggestions lol. Fun game as always!

neverness said...

LOL! If we ever go to a tournament together you'll have to remind me to keep my mouth shut! Haha!

Suber said...

Oooh, that's absolutely fantastic! Looks so great!

Rory Priest said...

Good stuff on both sides and fair play to you for playing fair. Keeps the game fun for everyone.