Friday, July 14, 2017

Celestial Lions Kill Team (Part 10)

And finally, we have arrived to the last man of this unit:

The Sgt with all his bitz.

After finishing the plasma pistol and touching up the red skull decal, it was time to finally create the final componet of this miniature: the back banner. After a few attempts free handing the approximate dimensions of the banner and the lion icon on a piece of notebook paper (hey, it was the only thing I had on hand), I combined the two images into this:

Rough banner drawing.
 I used the same paints that I use on my Lions, but while doing so I had to go outside the margins I set to make the lion mane bigger.

Rough painting.
 I tightened up the painting, added a few minor highlights, and put some stars in the background. I then painted the back side of the paper with black paint. It was now ready to be cut out.

Finished banner art. 
It seems like this whole aspect of back banner making is something of a lost art. Damn near every model in the '90s had a banner. But this went from empty banner poles you had to customize to pre-embosed banners by the time 3rd edition was over. Granted this banner isn't my best work, but it's not supposed to be, it's just a Sgt back banner. The more ornate banner belongs to the Celestial Lions Terminator Captain, and of course, it should.

Cut out and free.

Anyway, after I cut out the banner with an exacto blade, I had to make few minor trims before folding the tabs around the banner pole and glueing them to the back banner. I used Elmer's glue (my favorite flavor since 1st grade -yum!) to glue it down.

Watching glue dry.
It was now time to put him all together:

Arms on.

Backpack with banner attached.

View from behind.

Profile shot.
 And ta-da!
He is finally done!

Next, I will revisit the entire squad (pride?) of Lions and add flock and some battle damage along any other finishing touchs before declaring this project over.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Tactical Pride...rather than squad? Yeah I think that sounds good!

So when the Lions of Harlech vs. Celestial Lions KT battle to determine who's the Alpha male?

neverness said...

Not soon enough! ;)