Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Road to Gorkamorka (Part 4)

Well, it appears I was more done with this guy than I had realized when I wrote up the last post. All that was left were a few touch-ups and some basing flock and off to da waaaargh!!!!

Da front.

Da rear.

Da Side.

What is next up in this series? Well, it is looking more and more unlikely that these guys will actually be played in a Gorkamorka gang so I am going to work on them still with the mindset that they will be reincorporateded into my over-all ork force as part of the Goffs Detachment. I talked about this recently that I plan to breakdown my Ork army into clan themed battalions. I have at least finally primed the boyz and two trukks, which,  believe it it not, actually is progress!

Progress thru priming.


Suber said...

Well, that's more than a decent progress! Nice work there :)

neverness said...

Thanks. Not sure when I will get back to them though. Those Bad Moons are harder to paint than they look!