Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Neverness Battle Report archive page.

Last week was this blog's 5th birthday!

Since I began this blog over 5 years go, I have chronicled almost every table-top miniature game I have played. Usually with lots of pictures to accompany them. So the reports I am proud of either due to the quality of the photos, the caliber of my opponent, the events that transpired within the game, or maybe how pleased I am with the writing or the layout of the post will be linked here again for easier reference. As will the reports that I don't care for, for reasons opposite to those I just cited. Regardless, it's all here for ease of reference.

I do this at the dusk of an era for those of us in my locality. Our beloved Favorite Local Gamestore, Hobbytown USA of Johnson City, adopted home of Johnson City TN Gamers FB group, is ending the weekly game nights (update: this is no longer the case, yay!). Most of these battle reports, like close to 90% of them, were played at this venue.

After time it made sense to me to make it easier for myself, and others, to be able to search these reports. The idea came to me to list them by the army I used, chronologically followed by what the opposing army was, then the points and a short brief. As I continue to play games, this list will be updated and you can find a permanent link to it at the top of this blog and right here. So, here it is, I hope you enjoy skimming through these as much as I did reliving them myself.

Chaos Space Marines
vs. Chaos -1500pt Chaos Daemons with Chaos Space Marine allies vs. the same.
vs. Tau -1850pt massacre as the Tau shot daemons as if they were skeets.
vs. Grey Knights 1750pts Kharn vs. the Inquistion
vs. Khorne Daemonkin -1850pts. Kharn the Berserker vs. Khonre Daemonkin. Bloody fun game!
vs. Dark Angels -1500pt. Cypher chased down by the Dark Angels and the Ravenwing

Chaos Daemons
vs. Eldar Exodites -1225pt game. Daemons sought to protect their home against Exodite raiders.
vs. Chaos  -1500pt Chaos Daemons with Chaos Space Marine allies vs. the same
vs. Tau  -1850pt massacre as the Tau shot daemons as if they were skeets.

Space Wolves
vs.Inquisition 1500pts Sven Axegrinder vs Inquisitor MattFucking Ward
vs.Orks 2000pts Sven Axegrinder takes on Waaagh Murl and Da Long Wayz Dezert Group.
vs. Tyranids 1000pts of psychic turmoil for my Rune Priest and Hivefleet Warfrog.
vs. Orks 750pts against The Doctor's Orks
vs. Chaos 1000pts Wolf Priest Jarl Blacktooth's crusade against the Chaos Rebel Alliance led by Lars Blood Eagle (so jealous of that name!)
vs. Tyranids ?Pts  Wolf Priest Jarl Blacktooth's crusade continues as he clashes against Hivefleet Warfrog.
vs. Orks and Necrons 750pts each 4 way game, Wolf Priest Blacktooth allies with Wolfguard Battle Leader Buffalo John against and unusual Ork/Necron alliance!
vs. Blood Angels 1500pts(?) against Hiveangel's harder than hard Blood Angels.
vs. Orks and Necrons 1000pt 3 way game. Sven Axegrinder fights against Necrons and the Doctor's Orks.
vs. Eldar Exodites with Harlequin 1500pts (?)   Sven Axegrinder goes on the hunt for an artifact but is thwarted by Da Masta Cheef's vile xenos!
vs. Adepta Sororitas  1500pts Logan Grimnar picks a fight with Edwin's girls, and things get heated!
vs. Imperial Guard and Grey Knights 1500pt along with Lions of Harlech allies against Imperial Guard and Grey Knights.
vs. Blood Angels 1500pts vs Jim's treacherous Blood Angels!
vs. Eldar 1500pt Sven Aexegrinder's grueling match against Craftworld Warfrog's Eldar airforce.
vs. Ultra Marines, Chaos and Imperial Fists 1500pt 4-way carnage match.

Space Orks
vs. Chaos and Blood Angels 3000K Waaagh Ror Ruk allied with Waaagh Bink vs. The Thousand Sons (of bitchesand Traitor Blood Angels (apparently).
vs. Chaos 2000pts Mad Doc Grotsnik Orks with Ork allies (Eleet Grot Mountin Duvshun vs. the Thousand Sons (of bitches)
vs. Chaos 1500pt Mad Doc Grotsnik vs. The Red Corsairs
vs.Tau and Eldar 1500pts (?) against Femme FaTaus and Eldar Exodites.
vs. Tyranids  1500pt (?) against Hivefleet Matt. (I hope they got indigestion!)
vs.Tau and Dark Angels 1000pts 4 way battle. Ror Ruks Ravagers, Da Eleet Got Mountin Duvishun against Dark Angels and the notorious Femme FaTau.
vs. Orks 1000pts Ror Ruk's Ravagers vs. Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun. Fight'n over da fort!
vs. Marines. 500pt game vs generic marines that look Blood Angels; the Red Marines if you will.
vs. Marines 500pt game. Rematch against Red Marines.

vs. Imperial Guard -1000pts. My attempt at a Genestealer revolt. 

Ultra Marines
vs. Chaos 1500pt against the Thousand Sons (of bitches).
vs. Imperial Guard 1500pt vs Murl's wall of murder.
vs. orks 1500pts vs Waaagh Bink.
vs. Tau 1500pts the first table top appearance of the Femme FaTau.
vs. Tau & Eldar 2000pt bash against Femme Fa Tau and Eldar.
vs. Tau & Eldar 1500pt(?) Femme FaTau and Eldar Corsairs.
vs. Space Marines 1500pt vs, the Lions of Harlech
vs.Tyranids 1750pts vs. Hivefleet Warfrog.
vs, Imperial Guard 1500pts. Screech returns from Basic with a head full of military tactics.


Hive Angel said...

Nice compilation. We should play a game again. My 40K armies haven't done anything lately.

neverness said...

Schedule allowing, I am open to it!

Kris Delaney said...

Cheers mate, I love reading batreps. Maybe one day when I'm not on call we can get a game in also (also I'm hoping for a new CSM codex one day too lol)

neverness said...

Ha! Who isn't? But then history has taught me to be careful what I wish for when it comes to Chaos codexes ( ahem, 4th edition). As far as gaming goes, HT's move back to Saturday night is very rough for me to work around, but we'll see...)