Friday, April 16, 2021

Chaos Bikers (Part 8)


The current level of progress.

Progress has continued since the last time I worked on this guy. What follows is how I got this guy up to this point. 

 The metallic trim and filigree is the most obvious addition. This was done using Balthazar Gold as the base with Auric Armor Gold drybrushed over it. 

Basecoats on the trim.

To finish off the trim I went over all over it with Red ink glaze 

The finished trim. 

I went over the mechanical areas of the bike using Black Contrast Paint. This deepened things up nicely and really adds a dirty and oily aspect to this thing. Next I turned my attention to the two nurglings, following the process outline in Eeew, Grotti Part-2. 

Nurglings, half-way thru the paint stages.

After finishing the nurglings, I thought the final Pallid Flesh look didn't stand out against the aged pre-heresy Death Guard color of the bike. So I added an additional wash of the Contrast Medium and the Volupus Pink Contrast Paint mix to pinken these little buggers up a bit.  I like how they have turned out. 


I used Tesseract Glow Technical Paint on the console screen. I like how it came out. It's a bit abstract but I think it's function comes acrossed in the complete result. This technical paint has turned out to be quite a useful tool for me, and I don't have any Necrons!
The display screen.

Over all this thing is starting to come together. Yeah, it looks a little sloppy but it will tighten up in the highlight stage (hopefully). 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Tea Time (Art Monday)

 Welcome to Art Monday! This is a new feature where I post an old piece of the 40k art I did back in the '90s. Most of this stuff is unpublished but some of it was, or was intended to be. Back when a blog like this was pretty much science fiction, and we relied on fanzines for additional (and always unofficial) 40k content. The fanzine scene back then was quite the frontier. There were only a few but most of them were done fairly well. I was trying to break into comics but I was having more fun submitting spot illustrations to some of these 40k zines. I will write more about these times as they become relevant to the given pic being posted. 

This pic started off as detailed drawing that I made in my sketchbook in the summer of '93. I revisited it a few years later, blew it up, lightboxed it and inked it. Later I would incorporate it into a comic feature that I worked on for a zine that never got published. The two main characters would get names and became the main characters of the story. In time, if the interest is there, I may publisb it here.

I work primarily in black and white but I wanted to know how these characters, and this image in general, would be colored. It helped me "see" how to balance things while I worked on the comic feature. This is a reduced test piece using color pencils and design markers done on 8.5" x 11" paper. The original image is 15"x10". This was colored around '95-'97.

This piece was heavily influenced by the Space Fleet articles from White Dwarf. The ratling fellow bringing the tea has an Imperial Guard uniform in the style of the plastic/metal models from that time. 

It's fun looking back at my old art and picking out the the things I would do differently if done today. My own evolution as an artist aside, the 40k "look" is far more deleveloped and codified since this time. I imagine the room would be even bigger, there would be more filigree and ornamentation, a few servo skulls buzzing about, a smokier atmosphere in this chamber, darker, with even more wires, some robed servators lurking about and the cogitators would be even more crude. Regardless, I recall having a good time working on this one and I hope you get a kick out of it too. 

Monday, April 05, 2021

Chaos Bikers (Part 7)


Something revolting in development.

When I set out to build and paint this unit the original concept was to have all of the standard bikes be Black Legion colored with the Champion singled out as representing whatever Mark Of Chaos I was bestowing upon the unit. With the changes of game editions since I last worked on these guys (or played them) the need to show the chaos marks in this manner has become somewhat redundant. Hell, Death Guard don't even have Chaos Bikers as an option any longer! But, that hasn't stopped me from realizing my vision. While going through my paint queue this guy leapt out at me. With my recent Death Guard Experiments I knew I just had to finish this guy. 

Drilling and pinning. Some hobby skills never die...

You might have noticed his crazy Plaguebearer head. I found it in a bitz box while looking for other bits to stick on this guy and I was immediately inspired to make this mutation become a thing. I had to create the ball joint for the neck out of greenstuff in order to get this head to look right. 

So much for following helmet laws...

I stuck a nurgling rider on the back of the bike which I think came out very characterful. I really like how his foot is propped up perfectly on the backrest of the rider's seat. 

A rotten rider.

Next I added another nurgling at his side. This little chum (hehe, "chum"!) is joyfully pulling out the rider's guts in typical backseat driver fashion. 

"Hang on to my guts little dude!"

As you might guess, this was a fun thing to model up. As you can see the nurgling is totally attached to the driver, happily holding on by the guy's guts. 

Hanging on tightly! 

After priming it, it was time to figure out how to paint this thing. Last time I showed you Grotti and the way I colored him which was totally done with this model in mind. 

Basecoats mostly done.

The basecoats you see here are as follows.:

The fleshy seat and face stretched over his right shoulder pad were coated using Gulliman Flesh Contrast Paint. I like how the seat came out so much that I am likely to just leave it as is. 

The rider's head was done using Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast Paint. 

All the brown metal areas were basecoated using Rhinox Hide. 

The rider and bike's armor was based using Rakarth Flesh. The rider and bike are going to look a lot like The fourth Death Guard Experiment, hopefully. 

I got to be fast and sloppy at this stage, but going forward I will need to slow down a bit and focus on the details.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Eeew, Grotti (Part 2)



It's close to 5 years now since I last put any consideration towards this miniature. While reviewing my painting queue backlog at the New Year I found him lurking under some backpack sprues for my Deathwatch Marines. I have more nurglings that I want to paint in the near future and I wanted to play around with some different color schemes, so finding him was a nice surprise. 

In the first post on this little fellow (Eeew, Grotti) I wrote about how I was indecisive regarding how I wanted to color him. Sadly the rules for this fellow were quickly left behind with the change from 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 to the 8tb, and I doubt he'll be back in 9th. His disappearance from the rules meant the necessity for completion was all but eliminated. But now he has a use as a test-bed for some color experiments. 

And the color experiment that I have in mind is based on the tutorial (How To Paint Death Guard: Nurlgings) that Warhammer TV posted using Contrast Paints. It seemed simple enough, and I have been curious to see what I could pull off using Contrast Medium and this is the perfect excuse to try it out. 

Pallid Flesh undercoat.

The first step is to paint Pallid Flesh over the entire model. Which is a weird way to start out but watch where this goes from here...

Next I followed the instructions from that video bu adding some Volupuis Pink Contrast paint to some Contrast Medium. Once that dried I added some more Volupuis Pink with a bit less Contrast Medium to the recesses. I was quite pleased with the results thus far! 

Contrast Medium/Volupuis Pink layer.

Continuing on with steps layer out in the video, I next applied some "very cheeky highlights" to the raised areas of the fleshy bits. This was done using Pallid Wyche Flesh. Again, I am loving how this is turning out, and even more so considering the speed in which it was accomplished in. 

Pallid Wyche Flesh highlight.

It was time for the final touches. The tongue was painted using the same technique I used for the guts on the recent Death Guard Experiments (Screamer Pink, Druchii Violet and Pink Horror). The horns I decided to keep simple and low-key. I did this by mixing 75% Drakenhof Nightshade and 25% Coelia Greenshade. Finally I dotted the eyes with Folkart Lemmonade.

Final touches.

Finally I finished off the base's rim and added a  grass tuft or two...and presto, done! Although I am considering adding some gloss varnish to the grossier bits...

The scenic Grotti.

Despite the perception one may get from the staging pics, it really went pretty quick. Which makes me considerably happy when I realize just how may nurglings I will be painting in the future (hint: it'll be a lot).

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #3

Hello! I am happy, nay, THRILLED to announce that the Kickstarter for Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #3 is now live! And before I had the chance to share that news with you folks here, it has already funded! It funded in less than 2 hours and is still going strong. 

Join us!

If you missed my posts in the past regarding the two previous issues, here is a descriptive summary from the Kickstarter: "Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is a fanzine inspired not just by the roleplaying game Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), but also by the wondrous fanzines of the past 40 years! While we focus on DCC, the material produced can be easily translated into any Old School Renaissance (OSR) system, or even 5th edition D&D—something several of our reviewers have noticed as well!"

Archomental fun!

I have been looking at a lot of Fighting Fantasy and old (very old) Warhammer art as well as classic John Buscema Conan for inspiration for some the art that did for this issue. I am not sure how well that stuff shines through in my art per se, but I'm talking about the vibe that those early pieces inspired me. Anyway, I hope you check it out and thank you ahead of time if you decide to support us.

A snippet from my comic feature, Onward Retainer!

Here's the link again: .kickstarter Tales From The Smoking Wyrm-issue-3. There are pretty tasty add-ons this time around also. We hope you get it and we hope you love it! 

As usual, TK Rats are hiding within... 


Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Fifth Death Guard Experiment

 The fifth and final miniature from this old five model boxed set to find itself part of my experiments in Death Guard coloration is the guy I decided to make into the unit Champion. I never originally intended to make this guy the unit Champion, it just all sort of happened. When I opened up the box at the beginning of this project I discovered that his head spike was broke off. I found a bit from a Fantasy Khorne miniature that had a skull stuck on it. I attached this to his head and I really liked the results. 

With skulls on his mind.

This simple little kit bashed repair made me think I could do a bit more, so I swapped out his Plague Knife with a sword from a Plaguebarer. My initial thought was that it would just count as a Plague Knife, it just looked different. But when I saw the new Codex and in it they have a model of a Plague Champion with a blade that also looked just like a Plaguebearer's weapon. Well, it only made sense that this guys should also be a Plague Champion. And since I don't think I have a Champion miniature from this time to lead this unit, so he got the promotion. 

The 'Gets Hot! Special' plasma pistol.

But now that I had committed this miniature into becoming the squad leader it only made sense to maximize his potential, so I decided to swap out his bolter for a plasma pistol. Instead of cutting off the gun from his old arm I just used a whole new arm from the '90s era plastic Chaos Space Marines kit. The plasma pistol comes from the late 2nd edition era Ork Assault Sprue. From back when plasma weapons were something that orks used in abundance. These plasma guns looked more suitable for Chaos than they did the Ork line, and to prove the point, here it is on this guy.  I dubbed it the "Gets Hot! Special" since these things have killed more friends than foes since '96 (and yet, like dunces  we still use them...).
View of the backpack detail.

Here he is with all five members of his boxed set.

The Rotten Many. 

I still have many more '90s era Death Guard to paint, but so far these experiments have all been fullfilling and I like how they have turned out. Let's look at their glamor shots now:

Sgt Whitehead*, Plague Champion.

Note that I haven't decided which icons to use on their shoulder pads yet. I hope to have that figured out sooner than later...

The whole revolting gang.

I have two more boxes of these models to build up and paint as well as a few Special Weapons and a banner guy to go with them. It should make a small revolting detachment when they are all done.. 

*Thanks Masta Cheef for the name suggestion.

Monday, March 15, 2021

The Fourth Death Guard Experiment.

 The fourth member of these old school (it pains me to admit that '96 is old, but here we are...*sigh*) has been completed. He is pretty close to the previous guy, Experiment #3, who followed the steps and scheme for Experiment #2.  To sum up, he is supposed to be the third step in the transition from the Horus Heresy era scheme to the current era Death Guard look. The last guy will be the fourth step. Got it? Good! Let's check him out. 

I toned dowb the rust that was so pervasive on the Experiment #3, and applied Plaguebearer Contrast paint in the receeding areas and the rotty bits.  The rust on the plague knife was painted to be closer in steps to the one that Experiment #1 has, which is all rusty and tetanus evoking. The results are a more dirty and grimey look, even though it does appear to a bit subtle in these photos. It's got a Blanchitsu vibe to it that I have never been able to pull off before I really think that's cool.

So with that here is the current look of the progression:

The Rotten Many line up.

So far so fun! We'll be looking at the last guy really soon, and in that post I will get better pics of all these guys, who, I have to admit, have been more fun to paint than I thought they would be.