Thursday, February 22, 2024

Worldeaters Terminators


One of the biggest misses I thought GW did in recent times was not producing Worldeaters specific Chaos Terminators to support Codex: Worldeaters last year. (Yeah. I am still bitter about that book becoming redundant less than 6 months after it's release!) Trying to convert the Worldeaters khornate bunny ears onto these models has the potential to be challenging and disappointing. I made the choice to not even try it and just see what I could do with just paint. I'm shooting for a Blanchitsu-sque vibe with these guys...

I built these guys pretty much as the instructions recommended with exception to these two guys whom I used left over parts from the Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor I finished a while back. 

This guy's got a snazzy Champion paldron.

Horn helm fitting for a leader. 

I really got into these guys, so much so that I felt compelled to dive right into painting them. I primed them with Chaos Black. The base coats were Khorne Red (appropriate, yes?) And for the filigree I used Brass Scorpion. 

All the skull and bones were picked out with Corax White

Tubes, joints, guns and spikes were all painted with Leadbelcher

Mephiston Red was used as the mid layer for the red armor. 

My old Blood Red was then applied for the top layer on the red. That color is still very much superior to any red that GW currently sells. 

The plasma coil on this guy's combiweapon was picked out with Corax White. I used Pylar Glacier over that, but it seemed a bit too thin. So I went over that again Ultramarines Blue then a final highlight of Corax White.

My new favorite Citadel color has got to be Cryptek Armourshade Gloss. It's great for getting an old rusty look on metal without taking the time I used to spend to get this look. A quick solution, and it works really well. 

Oxidized metal on part of this gun.

So I managed to jam out this unit fairly quick. Here they are, done! Decals and all. 

Finished group shot. 

The next series of photos are the fronts and backs of each model.

For some reason I seemed to have mounted the trophy racks on this model in a way that it seems that this Chaos Terminator wanted the heads to be looking at each it other. This amused me too, so I left it. 

I painted the two Imperial Guard heads that are on two of the trophy racks in the color of my Cadians. The decaying faces were done using a wash of Coachella Greenshade Wash with a layer of Pallid Wyche Flesh

I'm not sure if this is a Mk V or a Primaris helmet. Either way, I thought he should be an Ultramarine. For reasons. 

The decals on their right shoulders are from the new Worldeaters decals sheet that came out with last year's new kits. I like these a lot, and they were not nearly as difficult to work with as some decals like to be. I suspect that I was probably just lucky this time. 

The helmet on this base is a Chaos Space Marine. I decided to make it a Black Legion helmet, since those are my 'basic' Chaos Space Marines. In hindsight I wish I had painted it in Dark Angels colors. 

The Space Marine helm on the Reaper Autocannon model is intended to be a Black Dragon, but he could easily be a Deathwatch marine too I suppose. 

The powder scoring on the tips of the reaper cannon was done using Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil .  I think it came out better than I had expected it would. 

And that's all. Hopefully I will get the Worldeaters on a tabletop sooner than later. And whenever that happens these guys are sure to be joining them. Now if I can just motivate myself to finish the Jakhals...

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sites of Power


Battle Royale. 

Once again Da Masta Cheef and I gathered for a 28mm heroic scaled tussle at the Outpost. 1250 points on each side. I continued to see what I could do with the Tyranids and this time he brought Orks. I decided to mix it up a bit. I swapped the Winged Hive Tyrant out for a Swarmlord. I swapped out some termagants for some Zoanthropes and barbgaunts. This seems like it could be a decent force to throw down with. 

The Tyranids gather. 

Da Masta Cheef brought Da Masta Cheef. A fella that hasn't appeared on this blog in years. Mostly because he sold the original model. But, as fate would have it, Rob/Murl gifted him recently with another of the same model and,  bonus,  it was already painted. 

Da Waaagh of Da Masta Cheef!

We tend to build our board out before we select our missions. It's just more fun to do, and then we might tweak it a bit afterwards. Today we decided to fight over a ruined forgeworld. 

Human ruins make the best xenos playgrounds. 

Da roolz for dis fight are: 

Hammer and Anvil Deployment, Scrambler Fields and Sites of Power. 

This deployment suited out armies well, and deployment went without a problem for either of us. 

Tyranid deployment (Right flank).

Tyranid deployment (left flank)

Ork deployment. 

The Orks went first.  It was noisy and loud but in the end the Tyranids lost only a few models, but one of those, quite painfully, was a Zoanthrope to the well aimed shot from the ork bubblechucka. The Tyranids surged forward and like-wise did little damage to the orks. The Zoanthropes eliminated one of the Nobs from Da Masta Cheef's retinue, an insult he would not soon forget. The Screamer Killer, laughably, missed all six of his shots! 

End of turn 1

Turn 2 and it was time to crank up the heat. The arrival of the ork dive bomba did just that as he dropped a bomb on the Swarmlord and inflicted him with 5 Mortal Wounds! 

Bombs away!

The Kommandos arrived in style in my back field and wiped out a brood of Termagants (the one's with the brains on their backs).  Leaving the Rippers sitting on the objective exposed to a potential charge. 

There was another squad of Termagants here.

Another fight broke out as the termagants that had a toe on an objective was charged by a Boyz squad led by a bad-ass nob. 

Tyranids Turn 2, and I opened up everything that could shoot at the ork Dive Bomba. It's ability to drop Mortal Wounds was too much of a threat to leave it unchecked, however the combined assault left it smoking but  still very much a threat. 

I had a brood of Genestealers assault the Kommandos, however Da Masta Cheef wisely played the Stratagems "orks are never beaten" and "unbridled carnage" to allow them to fight back after their elimination. And they took out half of the Genestealer brood! 

Kommandos and Genestealers bloodbath.

The other of brood of Genestealers on the opposite flank charged a Boyz squad wiping them but sparing the attached character. That guy was a banna waver . And that banna is a bad-ass weapon and it was used to beat the bioengineered snot out a handful of purestrains. Much to our mutual surprise! 

Yell loud and carry a really big stick.

The Swarmlord and Screamer Killer charge the orks hold and objective and totally overkilled that unit. But now they were exposed...

Turn 3, and all the ork guns were trained (or vaguely pointed at) the Tyranid monsters that were on the threshold of storming the ork lines. However the Bubblechucka, again , showed it's worth as Da Masta Cheef rolled a '6' on it's chart which resulted in a Dense Bubble. That was more than enough to destroy the Swarmlord! 

Imagine a dense bubble enveloping the Swarmlord.

The Deffdred (that's the baby squiggoth) and the nob mob along with Da Masta Cheef, charged into the Screamer Killer which is felled by the overwhelming onslaught. 

Dies screaming. 

After killing off the Banna Waver in the Orks turn, the Genestealers charged the Deff Dred/Squiggoth on their turn 3. They were actually successful in tearing it up, but it was still alive and kicking, locking the Genestealers in combat. 

Bring it down! 

On the other side of the board, the Genestealers who had previously tussled with the Kommandos now set their sights on a Boyz mob that was in their way of an objective, only to have that squad's nob survive their onslaught but also kill a few stealers back in return, thus halting the bug-eyez advance! 

"Oy, you can't go on!"

Cheef's turn 4 and the dive bomber returned to cause more havoc. It threw its bomb and bullets into the barbgaunts, eliminating them.

Buzz bomb is back! 

Da Masta Cheef wanted in on the tussle so he and the Boyz wet after the Genestealers that wuz locked in combat with the deff dred/Squiggoth. All of the purestrains were killed but the Broodlord remained. On my go in this Fight Phase I decided to throw everything into the Deff Dred/Squiggoth in the hopes that it would blow up. And although it was destroyed, it failed to blow up. In fact, nothing in this game had a Dead Demise, which is disappointing. 

Broodlord kabobs tonight! 

The Nob was joined by another mob of Boyz who managed to wipe out the Genestealers, that nob was killed however. But now the orks had the so-called Doom in their sights, as well as the last stand of Rippers. 

Dibs on da balloon! 

And we called it here. The nids were not going to survive the war of artiiton, clearly, but by this point the orks were not going to  be caught in the points games either. Final tallied points was 10 to the Tyranids, and 26 to the Orks! Waaargh to Da Masta Cheef, 'e's back!!!! Waaaaaaagh!

It was another fun game. That damn dive bomba really messed up my plans, and although I had some bad dice rolling it wasn't as bad as some of the games I've recently had. I think the MVP of the whole game has to be that Bubblechucka. I am now enthusiastic about building mine and playing orks in this edition. Their rules seem well suited for this edition, where I'm still very much struggling to get a grip on the nids. And this edition in general. I am still 0-4, where Da Masta Cheef remains undefeated...

Monday, February 12, 2024

Doom of Malan'tai and Zoanthrope Friends (Part 2)


Doomy & Co.

After a recent game using the Tyranids, I recognized the need for a bit more variety in my fledgling invasion fleet.  So I decided to get on with my plan to assemble these very old 3rd edition era Zoanthropes as outlined in part one of this series.  

Pinvise blues. 

As some people might be rediscovering with the revival of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the form of The Old World and the relaunch of a bunch of metal miniatures to support it, a lot of multipart metal miniatures require drilling and pinning. This is the technique of taking a pinvise or suitable drill to bore holes in two pieces and filling those voids with a connector, usually a brass rod or a wire, and superglue it all together.  Doing this makes the bond a lot stronger and hopefully the model won't fall apart on you later. I find the whole process to be a pain in the ass and I quickly found that I didn't miss it. But two of these models absolutely required it. 

The Doom! 

The Neurothrope,  that I like to think as my own lil' Doom Of Malan'tai came out as I had hoped. In fact I think he looks awesome. I actually thought that the 2nd edition Zoanthrope head was bigger than this but I am happy with it regardless.  Anyway, he looks cool with his buddies. 

The assembled Zoanthropes. 

At this point I kept seeing mold lines on the two 3rd edition miniatures, so before I added battlefield debris and other features for their bases I kept attempting to file down those lines. 

Primed and paint ready. 

Satisfied with those efforts I gritted up their bases. Since they're kind of a showcase sort of unit, I added the required skulls, helms, body parts and weapons to complete their look. Of course the Doom had Eldar parts since according to his bio that's his favorite snack.

These guys will now go into the queue. Some of you might know this, but I am having a surgery soon  (at the time of this writing, now set, a bit ironically, for Valentines Day) and I am preparing models to paint while I recover. Hopefully I can actually do that, but we'll see, as it will depend on how I'm feeling...

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Swarmlord (Part 1)

 Building up the Tyranids has been fun so far, and one of the jewels of my collection, and the army as a whole, is the Swarmlord. This was a gift from Mrs  Neverness for Father's Day 2023 so it ment a lot to me to get this critter built sooner than later. 

Freshly assembled. 

He was a fun kit to assemble but I wanted a special base for him. I found a molded base in bits drawer that I thought would work out well. Additionally I wanted some Astartes bits to scatter on it also. 

Dropped pistol.

The pistol is left over from a kit bash I did on an Assault Intercessor Sergeant.  I had a pistol grip left over from an old gun that I stuck on it to complete the look. 

Dropped head. 

The head is also a leftover from the Assault Intercessor kit. I will likely paint the helm as an Ultramarine but the temptation to paint it like a Black Dragon is pretty strong also...

He is now primed and ready for painting, and hopefully I can get him done during my many weeks of post-op recovery. But we'll see...