Monday, April 22, 2019

Stormsire's Cursebreakers (Part 3)

After a quite a period of time, I have managed to complete my first warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault. Presenting Stormsire's Cursebreakers:

The Cursebreakers. 

I finished Stormsire himself in the last post in this series. Since the previous posts were WIP posts, I chose not to do that with Rastus the Charmed and Ammis Dawnguard since the steps are virtually identical. So here they are finished and ready to pound down some foes!

Rastus the Charmed.

Ammis Dawnguard.
I am very pleased with how they turned out, however these three models alone have satisfied any interest I had in Stormcasts so it's very unlikely you'll see me going 'full Sigmar' with them.

My next warband will be the ghosts from the Nightvault starter set.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Stormhawk Interceptor (Part 3)

Making some progress from last time, I have began the assembly steps on this kit. As you can see in this first pic, the main body is being assembled. In the instructions pamphlet this is section 1A, and we will cover just the two subsections of that section in this post.

Yay 1A!

The first part of 1A is to assemble the main body. Quickly you discover the, almost absurd, details this kit has when you see that you are required to put a tiny grill into a port.
Grill about to go into a port.
 I decided that this needed to be painted prior to placement,  as painting this post-assembly could be challenging. I did this, and some of the other grills, by using a dark metal color (Boltgun Metal from the older Citadel Color range) and washing it with Nuln Oil.

The grill is placed.
 After that, I glued the body together and tightened it with a rubberband. It will stay like this way at least overnight, but more likely until whenever I next get to it.

Rubber bands for a tighter join.
 Next came the 2nd half of the sub-assembly, again a tiny, and hard to paint, piece that needed to be painted prior to assembly. This piece is a sensor lens array,  which I assume is how the pilot sees what's going on outside the aircraft. I painted this pretty close (-ish) to how it appears on the box.

Sensors painted.
And with that painted, I inserted it into the cockpit.  However I did not yet fully assemble the cockpit as I am considering placing a magnet into the primary weapon port. I have made a decision on that by the next part of this series.
Sensors attached. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Review: The Eye of Night

Eye of Night CD cover.
Back in the fall of 2018 I picked up an audio drama while visiting the Warhammer store in Richmond VA. The one I picked up was Eye of Night by Gav Thorpe.  I listened to it on the long way home, but decided I needed another listen before I could give it a proper review. Well, I have finally done that and what follows are my thoughts.

It's a fun audiodrama, and I enjoyed it, particularly the cheesy bits.

So what's it about? As you can see from the cover it involves Inquisitor Greyfax. She has been assigned (or "volun-told") by Primarch Roboute Gulliman to seek out an artifact that could aid the Imperium against Chaos in these troubled times. While catching up on some of the history he has missed while he was sorta dead, the Primarch has discovered that Inquisitor Horst had located the Eye of Night but was never heard from again when he went searching for it. She is sent with a squad of Grey Knights to go seek out whatever happened to Horst and retrieve the Eye of Night. The Eye of Night, which is an ancient artifact that Abaddon once razed Ornsworld (a Rattling world) to obtain.

OK, that was my synopsis, now for some breakdowns and some possible (and likely) spoilers!

After getting her orders from Guilliman, Greyfax and a small squad of Grey Knights take a jaunt out to the ruined world of Savaven which was blasted apart by Abaddon's Planet Killer during the Gothic War. It;s now an asteroid field mostly.  In fact this whole story is clearly inspired by the background from the Battlefleet Gothic game, and I can't help but wonder if a copy of the book was one of the many tomes described to be on Guilliman's desk in the first scene. 

After slaughtering some traitors, they find the body of Horst in an Inquisitional crypt, who is strangely animated and conscious despite being a skeleton in power armor. After some back and forth, Horst earns enough of Greyfax's trust enough for him to lead the band to the lair of Moriana the Crone, an old chaos witch who further directs the band of Inquisitors to another foe who she says will reveal to them the location of the Eye of Night. It's a bit of a convoluted path which ends in a straight up psychic battle with a Daemon Prince that doesn't disappoint. 
  • Did I like it? Yes. 
  • Was it hard to put down? No, it was engaging despite some cringe-worthy moments. 
  • Could I care about the characters? Yes, but more so the secondary characters. I thought Inquisitor Horst was far cooler than the zealous hardline depiction of Greyfax. But I also had a hard time accepting that the Grey Knights would continue to allow a skeleton in armor, pious good guy or not, to continue to exist let alone walk around giving orders, after all this was over, so you can imagine that his fate was somewhat sealed regardless of how this drama played out. 
  • Did the writer  "get" the 40K universe and how it works? It's Gav! Of course he does. However I can not be sure that some of the actors do. How it's written and how it's  said can come off differently when heard by the listener and intention or tone can be distorted or even lost. I maybe paraphasing, but there is a quote that Harrison Ford once told George Lucas that "you can type this stuff, but you can't say this stuff." I think there is a little bit of that taking place. There are some stand out examples of this: The Imperial Palace Custodian that tried to stop Greyfax in the very first scene was almost corny. He sounded so...campy. Seriously, it reminds of kind of pantomime-esque performance one expects to see when visiting London's tourist destinations. Moriana steals the show in over-the-top creepy/cheese witch. Yet I was enthralled by her, and sort of rooted for her over the crazy zealous attitude of Greyfax (hey, she appealed to my inner heretic).. 
  • Was I being talked down too? No, but there are some cheesy moments, especially Greyfax's final speech at the end of the tale. 
  • How predictable is this story? Fairly, yet not. I mean, the whole concept of dead Horst getting up and walking around and assisting the Grey Knights and Inquisitor Greyfax was pretty unpredictable. I guess the story isn't so much predictable as some of the dialog is, particularly the battle banter. However, the ending, Greyfax reflecting upon the cost of her victory which culminates with her unsheathing of her sword and yelling out "For the Emperor!" struck me as unintentionally funny. It was as if Gav just didn't know how to end this thing, and a rally cry (to apparently no one) was what made the most sense in the face of a deadline. 
  • Do I recommend this book? Yes, good fun, but not vital, unless you are a fan of Battlefleet Gothic background. This stands alone just fine. In fact, I was unaware that the Eye of Night has been in the 40k background since 1999 (ugh, I suddenly feel old!) and didn't uncover that info until I researched the Battlefleet Gothic material for this review. So if you see it some where, this one is a fun one to pick up and give a listen. it does have less cringeworthy moments than good content. But you will cringe when those moments happen, of this I am sure!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Space Marine Medic (Part 1)

This is a very old miniature, one of the first Apothecary models. In fact, when he was first released his title was  just "medic".


I have always loved this model. It was one of the first Space Marine miniatures I saw when I was introduced to the game back in '88. The Doctor had him, and he was painted up very well (for our standards back then anyway) but what sold me was just the attitude of this model; he was simply locked, loaded, and ready to kill. This is one medic you don't screw around with.

Detached from his base with backpack removed.

Despite the character of this model, he was always kind of small, and now looks like a dwarf compared to the Primaris range of miniatures. But I kind of don't care. I am probably going to make him a Dark Angel. Remember, I started a Dark Angel army way back when? Just haven't done anything more since! In fact, the above plastic medipack comes from a Dark Angel sprue. And yes, it would have made sense to incorporate him into my Ultramarines, but I already have too many Apothecaries for that army.

Interesting fact for you; The Doctor had named his Medic "Samael", which is as darn close to a Dark Angel name as you can get!

So a Dark Angel he'll be. How he'll turn out will have to be chronicled in a future post however (consider this post a mission statement!). For now I have removed him from the weird base he was on and removed his backpack as I contemplate stripping off that primer. Check back for updates.

Monday, March 25, 2019

A Spray of Blood

My job takes me to Knoxville TN each week but rarely do I have any free time to do anything fun. Last week was a rare exception and I was able to stop in at the Warhammer store in Turkey Creek. It had been years since I was last there, so I was overdue to pop in.

Welcome back to Turkey Creek!
After having a fun conversation with Mark, the Manager, I got to look thru their stock  of audio/dramas  books but before I could make my selection he invited me over to watch a demo. He was about to show one of the guys how to make blood splatters look more convincing using Citadel's Blood For The Blood God Techincal Paint.

Mark sizes up his target...

He had clearly put some thought into the way blood would splash back on a guy bringing down a heavy axe on a foe, and gave us a pretty convincing theory on why it would splash back in a particular way. So he picked up an already prepared Khorne guy, determined the angle of splash, held up a brush full of Blood For The Blood God Techinical Paint before the miniature, and with a mighty puff blew the paint onto the model.

The splattered berserker.

And with that, it was done! He uses this technique in lieu of a traditional splatter method as it created less splotches and a more 'stringy' effect with the blood. I thought it was nifty and simple myself, and I may try it sometime as I tend to paint the stuff on in a sort of stippling manner which I am usually OK with.

Anyway, just a fun thing I wanted to pass along. It's always fun visiting an official Games Workshop store and to chat with strangers who are as into this hobby as much, if not more, than I am. Hopefully I can make it down there to cover Armies On Parade this year...

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stormsire's Cursebreakers (Part 2)

I finished Stormsire!

 Behold: Stormsire! 

I followed Duncan's tutorial fairly close, even going so far as to go down to the hobby shops and purchase some more (select) Citadel paints that I did not have. However there was a blue color that I missed and instead of putting off the completion of the model,  I chose to seek out an analog to it. My old, and rarely used, Lightning Blue seemed to do the trick rather well. It's a bit brighter than how the model in the tutorial turned out, but I like it!

Lightning Blue highlight.
The other deviation was not to paint the flame blue, but instead I painted it a vibrant green. And yes, I stole the idea from someone else after a Google search, but it looked too awesome to just not go with it.

The green flame.
And with that done, all I had left to do was mount him to his base, do a few more touch-ups, and he was finished!

Rear view the finished model.

Although I focused on Stormsire, his two companions are not too far behind him and are basecoated.

Basecoats on his pals.
Alright, here are some glamor shots:

Note that the tutorial on Warhammer TV doesn't show, suggest or even mention the holy water vial on his belt or the broken vials on his base. I painted mine using a blue and the Fang.

And that's it for Stormsire himself, on to the last two members if this team.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Krom (the Older) (Part 4)

Krom (the Older) is now done!

Toasting you a Happy Saint Patty's Day, Hero of Erie Prime. 

Before I was finished though, I had some details to tidy up. The first being the axe blade which is supposed to resemble ice. (I refuse to accept that it IS ice simply because...well, that's just stupid). Celestra Grey is the basecoat used for this.

Celestra Grey basecoat on the axe blade.
Next a glaze of Guilliman Blue...

Guilliman Blue Glaze.

...topped off with a dry brushing of White Scar.

White Scar highlight.
 Next came his company badge. There isn't a decal (as far as I know) of his Great Company's icon, so I took the Champions if Fenris decal and angled it so the snout was pointing up, colored the moon/circle with Averland Sunset, topped it off with a subtle glaze of Lamenters Yellow before refining the edges with The Fang.  I think it came out alright considering I pretty much just winged it...
The decal applied...

Great Company badge done. 

And after a few more details such as the gems, claws and spikes, he was done. So now it's time for his glamor shots. Enjoy!

"Show us that cape!"

"Yeah, whirl it around, give us that fierce eye!"

"Oooh yeah, brandish that sexy weapon!"

At the time of this writing, it is the morning of St. Patrick's Day, and it's also bright and sunny out, so I thought it would be fun to take him out for some natural lighting shots in the mossy areas of my backyard.

The shadows are deep this morning.

Claiming this world free of xenos filth! 

And that concludes this project, now back to the Intercessors...