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These are the nefarious, or semi-infamous, characters that have appeared in my Battle Reports and hobby posts. Some are characters that I (or my opponents) named, and some are special characters from GW that I just enjoy using a lot. Regardless, I thought it would be fun to make a quick-reference page for them all.

Warhammer 40,000 Characters

Sven Axegrinder
The leader of a Space Wolf Great Company and hero of the Imperium. He's not the hero that the Imperium wants, but he's the hero the Imperium gets stuck with anyway:

Sven Axegrinder in Terminator armor.

Sven in Power Armor.  

Erik Axegrinder
Erik is my Death Watch RPG character that I decided to build a model of. I was using him as a Wolfguard Sgt. for my Space Wolf army with the idea that he had recently returned from service with the Death Watch. These days he's now part of my Death Watch "army".

Erik Axegrinder.

Rex the Venerable  ("Veni")
This is my classic Rogue Trader era Space Marine Dreadnought with twin-linked Las Cannons created from a Predator tank kit from the same era. He was painted and assembled during 40k 3rd Edition, when spotlights seemed to matter more.

Rex, a very Venerable Dreadnought.

Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth
Wolf Priest Jorvik Blacktooth is a character that started off as a narrator for battle report preambles. This was about a good 15 years before I had a model to represent him. He was usually featured within in-character correspondence with whatever vile foe Da Masta Cheef had dreamed up. He now has a model and was featured in a game (Kill The Courier) where I had appointed him as leader. Not only did he survive, but the Space Wolves won the game -with him landing the game ending shot!

Rune Priest Jarl Blacktooth 
The Terminator Armor-wearing Librarian has appeared in most of my Space Wolf 40k games since the return of psykic powers to the game.

Iron Priest Woton
Woton has only appeared in preambles to games, usually being mentioned in correspondences to Da Masta Cheef's fiendish characters. I do have a miniature for this guy, it's the original Iron Priest miniature that was released in the early '90s, still unprimed in his bare metal glory. 

Iron Priest Gearjaw
Embracing the red, this Iron Priest is set to fix the many vehicles of Sven Axegrinder's Great Company when they, inevitably, breakdown.

Krom (The Older)

This is Krom Dragongaze who is famous for his bionic eye, or the "fierce-eye". However when I was given this model it had already gone through a head swap with a Longfang model. So ran with it and decided that this is an older incarnation of Krom.

Lord Inquisitor Hiser the Hisarion of the Ordo Malleus 
Featured in the 2020 Inquistional Conclave, this is one of the oldest Imperial models that I own, bought new back when he was released in 1989. Now he awaits an opportunity to hit the battlefield...

Father Abernathy The Black Monk

Father Abernathy The Black Monk of Unicoi Secondus is an Imperial Preacher. So far I have only used him to lead a small contingent of Imperial Guard against some vile xenos, but I am sure that will not be the last time we see his efforts to bring the faith of the Imperial Creed to the unrighteous filth that infest the galaxy. 

Ror Ruk the Ravager

Ror Ruk the Ravager, also known as Ror Ruk the Reaver, has been my Ork Warlord as far back as 1989.  His original model was the Chaos Ork Renegade miniature which at the time was the tallest ork mini on the market. With the change in ork sizes brought on by 40k's 3rd edition, I updated the miniature to this model. I am still quite proud of it.

Ror Ruk

Nik Fury
Way back in 1989, the summer that the first plastic Space Ork boxed set was released, Doc TSG was at my house while I was building some orks. And he got in on the action and built this guy. He made the cigar from a bit of sprue and we dubbed him Nik Fury as a result

Nik Fury.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
In the 4th ed Ork Codex (that remained valid until it was replaced and unnecessarily nerfed in 7th edition) Mad Dok Grotsnik made a fun and characterful addition to an Ork army.

Redklaw Da Kripple
Just a Goff Nob that typically dies a lot in games. On some occasions he would kill his points worth back, but it was rare.

  • Spotlight: Goff Talk
  • Noteworthy Battle: Um....still researching this...

Ragglebum Foulbreath Jr.
The paint job that inspired a legion. Not only inspired me, but set Dr TSG on his own course as well. He isn't a 'rogue' in the truest sense, as he isn't a character model at all, just an important one to me.

Da hero Goff'm needs right now.

Papa Claws
The leader of a Genestealer/Tyranid kill team that I made for Kill Team, but I never got a chance to play this team for it. But I got a clever name and some fully painted models out of the effort. 

Vivjhian Throatpunch
Viv is a Sybarite, not a real character per se, but she has been my Dark Eldar Kill Team leader in the majority of my Kill Team games. She isn't terribly remarkable but she has had a few heroic moments here and there so far.

  Cypher was painted in 1999 and I even entered this model into the Baltimore Golden Demon Awards that year (he didn't get far).  I didn't get to play a game with him however until more recently, and using his unique scenarios in combination with his unique rules has proven to be quite fun.

Who do you call for a bloody good time? Why Kharn the Betrayer of course!

Gnarlstick the Sorcerer
(Paint job/conversion pending)

She Who Milks
A witty name conjured up while making a daemons list to face a pack of hippy eldar. It proved popular as it was a play on the Eldar's nick name for the unspeakable Slaanesh, 'She Who Thirsts'.



Skippy the Bloodthirster

Giggles the Rotter
(Pending a paint job)

Warhammer Fantasy Characters

(Coming ...eventually).

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