Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vindicator of Khorne (Part 3)

Slowly but surely, the Vindicator of Khorne grows nearer to completion! After the last game I played my Vindicator took on a wee bit of transport damage, and since I have been focusing mostly on Khorne anyway, it only made sense to conclude this project. And just in case you haven't seen this thing from the start, check out how this project started. And here as well.

First off I had to tighten up the Blood Red painting, and then highlight the edges using Ruby Red.

After that I had to get the bronze areas completed. Also the hydraulics were finished by using Mitheral Silver.

I wanted this thing to look old, so rusting up the ventilation system seemed like a logical thing to do.

I added a Khorne decal to the front panel, which then used thinned paints to color over the transparent part of the film. This was my first time using decal solutions (more on that stuff in a future post).

I added an older style decal to the rear door.

Additional highlights now in the form of Mitheral Silver for the rivets, bullet holes, and other miscellaneous scratches and scrapes.

The last thing to do is the gunner and his gun. Slowly continuing to make progress on him, though I am kinda stuck on how exactly I want to paint the combi-bolter. I should have that figured out soon.

And skulls. There are a lot of bits with skulls on them that are also being worked on as well. I mean. it IS a Khorne tank, it's GOT to have skulls, right?!

And I need to add a few Dark Angel helms as well, right Bob?... :)