Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Rise of Mad Dok Grotsnik part 2

In part one  of this glorious tale of greenness, I touched on some highlights from the previous game where Screech challenged us with his Space Wolves. Da Masta Cheef, my ally in that battle, wrote a more detailed battlereport. That first part ends with me packing up Mad Dok Grotsnik and heading off to a match against Da Cheef's  Red Corsair Centurion and his dreaded Murder Sword. After reading what that guy did to Max's Ultramarines in a recent battle I was unsure how well the Mad Dok list I used against Screech would fair against a Chaos Space Marine force, especially without 500 points of grot allies!

My Orcs assembled and ready for WAAAGH!!!
Note that unlike the previous game I didn't use the mob we nicknamed 'Ork Pizza' but instead used my original plastic boyz from the '89 boxed set. They are a Technicolor dream aren't they? Cheef was intimidated by their mohawks! LOL

The Centurion's force complete with anticipatory Soul-blaze tokens.
The field of battle.
This would be my first game playing on the Realm of Battle board. I like the surface and think it makes for some great pics. I lament the fact that I had so many unfinished models still to meekly place down onto such a fine battleground.

So we rolled the mission and got 'Emperor's Will' (which made for a good chuckle considering that neither of us had Imperial forces) placed objectives, and deployed. I can't recall if I stole the Initiative, but I do recall setting up very defensively in response to Cheef's set up so I must have.

Ork Deployement.
Chaos Deployment

 And then the fighting began! I threw a bunch of templates into the closest Chaos Cultist unit and eliminated a lot them, but they were steely in their resolve and stood on the hill speaking in tongues at the ork army in crazed defiance!

First blood!
 My Lootas brought down a scary looking dreadn -Hellbrute that just looked like it could kill lots of orks fast.

The extent of the Ork advance, Grotsnik and his Burnas are bottle necked in their effort to race across the board.

 Chaos Turn One.

Cheef kills these three Orks. But sets his friends on fire with Soulblaze.
 Turn Two

In turn one we kept discovering that some units would be out of shooting range by just under an inch. A theme that would continue throughout this game.

The Ork army's advance on turn 2.
 The rhino containing the Centurion, who was determined to murder my Big Mek, who is my warlord in this game, is blown up quite spectacularly. Note the big blast template. I had both the Kill Cannon and Shok Attack gun scatter onto that same relative spot!

Deff Dread wants to get you!
 Meanwhile my Deff Dread attempted to get to grips with either the Chaos Dreadnought -Hellbrute or the Rhino, but despite losing a Hull Point to a plasma gun (what the heck is in that Rhino?!) he rolled a 4 for his charge range only to find he need another 1/4" to reach it! Drats!

Chaos Turn 2

A small squad of Chaos Terminators land in my back field and kill a few of my Lootas!

"I just flew in from hell, and man are my arms tired!"

The Hellbrute charged my Deff Dread (yes kids, that really is a Deff Dread, I'll explain in a moment), and rolled the exact number he needed to make contact! 4", which we had a good laugh at considering my previous turn! And just like the previous game where's Screech's Space Wolf Dreadnought botched his attacks, the Hellbrute did likewise and was ripped apart by the Deff Dread after two player turns of assault.

The Centurion maximizes the use of available cover.
 Ork Turn 3
Circle 'round the fire!
 Mad Dok's unit has to go after the closest unit, which was now these annoying terminators (he was really wanting to destroy the Centurion!). The Burnas successfully cleanse the terminators with fire!

Careful with that scatter!
 Again the Shokk Attack Gun and Kill Cannon scatter wildly in a sad attempt to blast the Centurion and his unit!

"Come 'ere tank!"
 After killing the Chaos Dreadnoug....Hellbrute, the Deff Dread consolidates towards the Rhino,

Now, this Deff Dread was the original, circa 1988, Ork Dreadnought. It is piloted by a gretchin. The original idea was that in a cruel experiment a Pain Boy and Mek Boy would partner up and stuff a grot into one of these things, and the crazed power-tripping grot would wreck everything in it's path. The next Ork Dreadnought models came out in 2nd edition and featured an Ork Pilot, and was also bigger to accommodate the large passenger. The 3rd edition dred would only get bigger, and with the current plastic model the size difference is quite laughable! In fact, the grot concept is back in the form of Killer Kans, and we all know, they rock, and they are bigger than this original model. But I don't care, as it still does what it does, and I have it on the proper sized base. I decided that when I paint these (I have two of them and they are both armed the same) I will do them in Bad Moon colors. Maybe the extra wealth of that clan can afford the 'miniaturization' of technology?

Chaos Turn 3

The Deff Dread  is blown apart by the passengers in the rhino, who hit it with more plasma shots!

The Red Corsair Centurion advances up on my Ork Shootas who have taken a lot of casualties from the two Predator tanks down field and from the resulting Soulblaze. How ever he fails on his charge attempt...
Guess who rolled a 4 on his charge dice! Ha! We laugh at you!!!
 One of the predator takes a hull point off of my Gobsmasha which I had moved out of cover in an attempt to try to hurt those annoying Predators. I think the Ork Warbikes were killed off by the cultists this turn as well after they too had failed to roll high enough on their charge distance in the previous turn.

Orks Turn 4

Mad Dok Grotsnik's burna boyz now find that their closest enemy is the rhino that killed the Deff Dread last turn. This target is even more appealing after the Lootas blow up the rhino to reveal the passengers to be a Havoc Squad armed with Plasma Guns! (Ingenious idea Cheef! I got to steal it for my chaos guys!)

My shootas charge the Centurion! They had already blasted away the rest of his unit, but the fearless maniac cared not and challenged my Ork nob. He would've had a lot or re-rolls too, but the Murder Sword was hungry and feasted upon ork meat! I can not recall what his Chaos Reward was...

Nik Fury dies at the hands of the Centurion!
 After another, painful, failed charge, the Burna boys roll too low on their charge distance!
and during Chaos Turn 4, they lose half the squad to concentrated plasma gunnery and soulblaze!

"How come soulblaze has a continuous fire effect but Flamer weapons don't?"
 The Centurion is butchered by the remaining Shoota boyz, who consolidate towards the hill where the remaining Chaos Cultists and Chaos Sorcerer hold on to their objective.

Ork Turn 5.

"Don't shoot until you see the green of their skin!"
 With very few of burna boyz left, Mad Dok Grotsnik declares a charge, only to have his remaining burna boyz killed by the Overwatch. Rolling an 8 on the charge dice, Grotsnik gets the exact number he needs to make contact!
Too close!
And dives into the ruckus!
"Time for yur medz!!!"

And he butchers the Havocs and consolidates into the crater, eying the two predators that have been slowly inching up the field.
The shoota boyz connect to the Chaos Cultists on the hill. They do well, but remain locked in combat. However in the Chaos Turn 5, the Shoota Boyz would be wiped out, and the objective in his deployment zone is now secure in the grip of the Chaos Cultists!

Turn 6 arrives, and with much of the Chaos force in shambles, and half of the orks gone as well, I decided to move the Gobsmasha out in an effort to ram one of the Predators. I just was out of range for that attempt though...

The I assume shots were taken at the chaos cultist as they appear to have lost a few more from what these next two pics show, but being fearless they were not about to run anywhere.
The Gobsmasha sets up for a ramming attack...
 Chaos Turn 6

Cultist take cover behind the dilapidated bastion and hold on to their objective.
 Mad Dok Grotsnik dies to another las cannon shot to the face from the predators. Oddly, this would be two games in a row where he was removed from the game in this manner.

The face off that wouldn't happen.
 And the game ended, with the final fate of the Gobsmasher left unknown!

The Chaos got 3 Victory Points for holding onto their objective, and the Orks got 5 victory points for holding onto theirs, killing the Centurion (Warlord secondary objective), and First Blood.

All in all, a very fun game!

Inspired again, I took the time to complete Mad Dok Grotsnik's paint job.

And here he is:
Blood For The Blood God was used for the blood on the blades and apron. I like it a lot!!!

Used GW's Middenland Tufts on some of the grass.

Yeah, I left it piss colored for the syringe....ew, right?

 I only wish I had a grot orderly to put on the base with him. Otherwise, I am quite pleased with how he turned out!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Rise of Mad Dok Grotsnik part 1

"Trepanning iz good on da brainz!"
Last weekend instead of playing our Friday night roleplaying session, Screech, Da Masta Cheef and I opted to play a 40K game. Cheef only wanted to used a 500 point "ally" wing of Grots from his Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun while I would field 1500 points of something vs. Screech's 2K points worth of whatever he would show up with. It didn't take long to decide to field my Orks, and with all this focus on painting and building an Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy, the desire to play with my greenskinned madmen has been high regardless of whether it be WHFB or WH40K. I knew I wanted to use the Shokk Attack Gun again, so I took a Big Mek and made him my army general. I opted to leave out my warlord, Ror-Ruk, in favor of trying to improve my army's survivability. Remembering  the fun I had a few years ago using Mad Dok Grotsnik, I decided to give him a go again. He has zero chances of living through a game due to his recklessness so it made sense to not make him the general. I mean, why just give away a Secondary Objective, right? :)

So, I took Mad Dok Grotsnik and attached him to a squad of Burna boys (these models are very old! One day I will show them off to you, probably close to that one day I start painting them. -quiet Cheef) who I stuck in a Gobsmasha (see Battlewagon build in the list area of your Ork Codex for rules). The elites in my army list, the Burna Boyz and Lootas, as well as my Big Mek, all got the discount Cybork bodies upgrade for improved survivability. The Burnas would benefit from the Feel No Pain special rule that Grotsnik would also bestow upon them.
Mad Dok Grotsnik and the Burna Boys having killed a Grey Hunter pack, consolidate closer to the next unit...
The details of our battle can be read here in gory detail courtesy of Mr. Cheef.

Aspiring Squigoth.

The take aways from this battle was:
  •  that when given the opportunity to shine, Burna Boyz can really do it! Even though we used a house rule (allegedly a rule-change, but I can't find an FAQ to support it) regarding the flame template weapons and Overwatch, they still kicked butt!

  • The other take away is that Cybork bodies for just 5pts is too good an upgrade not to take!

    "Aye'll take yoo all on I willz!!!"
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik can really soak up the incoming fire if the dice let him! He after leading the burna through 2 squads of Grey Hunters and assaulting a tank, he eventually net his demise to a disabled Predator with a lucky Las Cannon shot!
The Wolf Lord and the Nob challenge off. The Nob had a pool of 5 rerolls thanks to his ork mob.

  •  This game also was noteworthy of being the battle field debut of 'Ork Pizza' the squad of 30 Shoota Boyz that I have been ignoring for a few years. After finishing a regiment of spear orcs for WHFB I decided I would get these guys out of the way next. They performed very well, killing Screech's Wolf Lord in close combat.
The classic 'Ork Pizza' photo.

  • It was cool seeing the Grot Mega Tank finally get to shine in battle! Cheef was thrilled to see it actually destroy another vehicle for a change, and to have it survive a game!

So, yeah we won that battle, but regardless of the results, I was very pleased with Mad Doc Grotsnik. So much so that in what little spare time I had this week I tasked myself toward getting his paint job finished. The next two pics show how far I got with him before it was time to pack him back up for another battle yesterday.

I was thinking the cable that runs from the pump on his back to the syringe on his power klaw was going to be yellow with black stripes in a sort of power-cord look, but I think the colors I chose has a 'pissy' look about it which I find sort of gross and disturbing. So I might leave it as is, and color the syringe a similar color in the hopes of further disturbing those who might face him.

I am sort of stuck on his gun however. Have used the dark metals that I typically use on weapons on his arm, I want to contrast the gun from it but I am a bit stuck on how to do it. I hesitate reverting back to some of the gun colors that my orks that were painted in the late 2nd edition era have...  I shall ponder this further.

Citadel Color just released a new color called Blood for the Blood God that looks like a must have for me, and especially for Grotsnik's medical apron. One of our new players at Hobbytown is Mac (now nick named as Mac'n'cheese -he's accepted now!), and Mac showed me his recently painted Ultramarine with lightning claws where he used this color on the blades. It looks pretty impressive! I can't recall the last time I was this excited about a Citadel color...
As if my blog already isn't a massive free-plug for GW, go here to get it!

This is it for Part One. Part Two will be posted later in the week, as I take the army used in the previous battle and face off against Da Masta Cheef's Red Corsair Centurian and his Murder Sword! Stay tuned for those results! Also I will see how much more I can get done on Grotsnik's paint-job.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Imperial Guard of Neverness

Lacking anything new to show you lot, I will complete something I started over on my other armies page. In fact if you have been to it recently, this might feel like a repeat (because it is!), and if you go to it now, you'll simply find a link back to this blog at the Imperial Guard entry. There are two models that never appeared there before, so scroll down and check out those old school Imperial Psykers.
The Imperial Guard are an army that I sort of stumbled into. Actually, they are really two armies. One is a Valhalla army that I got a good deal on from a friend many years ago, and the other is my brother's old Cadian army. That army is joined by models he got from The Doctor, and some of those go all the way back to when we started playing in the Rogue Trader days. I am fusing the Valhallans and Cadians into one army by simply giving them the same color scheme. At this point the work I need to do is quite a lot to get them truly battlefield ready, but they are functional enough that I could get them up and running to use them as allies at least.

Storm Troopers (original)

These guys are just great! If you were in the UK and read Action Force comics back in the '80s you were no doubt exposed to the SAS heroes within it. These guys looked just like them, minus the balaclavas. Oh, and if you're still scratching your head about Action Force, it was evolved from Action Man, a UK version of G.i. Joe, based closely on the G.I.Joe 6-inch figure line of the early '80s. Eventually, Action Force evolved into and became the UK version of G.i. Joe using the same characters and toys.

I digress, anyway, these original storm troopers had the SAS look, and were just bad-ass, but were made more so with the 3rd edition models, none of which do I have. Still, I'm proud of these guys and think they have turned out good. And yes, only two are fully painted. I would quickly finish these guys, there isn't much to them, only they remain out of sight in a miniature case most of the time. I would like to get these guys a Valkyrie at some point.

Leman Russ Battletank 

These were originally painted for my brother, I took the paint scheme we had chosen for his Cadians and ran with repeating it on his tanks. At the time the only paint guide available was the section in the 2nd edition book, Codex: Imperial Guard. Technically there were some painting guides for epic too but they weren't as detail focused.

I only ever got this single Leman Russ completed even though he had 2 more plus a Demolisher variant which I now possess.

View of righside and most of the rear.


As above with the Leman Russ. Same paint scheme, however we were a lot more dedicated to completing these. Sadly, the two tanks in the rear are not 100% complete and still require decals. He only has one more yet to complete and after I acquired my brother's army, I purchased one of the newer boxes for my more options. I am debating whether to make one into a command vehicle or a dedicated Storm Trooper vehicle.

This single Chimera is a completed paint job. All the other Imperial Guard armored vehicles in my army are based upon this model. I'm quite pleased with it still and I painted it well over 10 years ago!
Imperial Psykers

How is this guy for old school? He came in a two pack of Imperial Psykers (back when Imperial Agents was a real thing) around 1994. He was the 1st one of the pair I painted, and I wanted to go with the garish colors that were commonly shown in White Dwarf at the time (ahem, LOTS OF RED!!!) but I wanted to used muted colors to contrast against the RED, sort of something that might've slipped off of Wayne England's palate around that time. I 'm still pleased with this chap. I imagine this guy was a pompous noble sort of chap one might find in the employ of an Inquisitor or a Governor or perhaps a Rogue Trader. Anyway, despite the striking colors, I still think this guy looks pretty cool over all.
However this other psyker was painted with the role of a Primaris Psyker in mind. More so an active battle field role with the Cadians my brother was going with at the time. This model is noteworthy for the rod which I painted in non-metallic colors as it was my first attempt ever at doing such a thing. And I am still pleased with it, however I find the process time consuming and ultimately would rather just work these things our in metallic paints.
....I just realized, ALL of these models were painted over ten years ago! Jeesh, where does the time go? *sigh*
 I don't have any troopers completed for my guard (yet) but have a small squad on the painting table that is nearing completion. I am holding off on them until the new codex so I can conform the squad structure to the new list.  Stay tuned for those soon!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Chariot of Waaagh!!!!

Around the same time I started to work on my Fantasy Orc army, particularly the first regiment, I also began work on my orc chariot.

Like the rest of my Orcs from the Warhammer 6th edition starter set, this was gifted to me by the generous Warfrog who toyed only briefly with the Fantasy rules before firmly giving in to the enrapturing call of the Hivemind.

This pic pretty much shows all he done with the chariot. The boars were mostly painted, the wooden parts were based coated brown and the metal bits were all a gleaming silver. This model was put together before GW had the sense to make chariot bases so only the boars had bases. I removed these first before painting anything else on this model, the state of which you can see above.

I spent a bit of time adding lighter layers of brown to the base coat that Warfrog used. I was tempted to take it lighter to an almost grey color to go with a sort of 'barn wood' look, but I like the brown that Warfrog used so much that I decided to stick with it.

The boars were then finished up. Pretty easy really. For such old models these boars still look great when painted up. Note that I used inks to dull and down-play the silver that Warfrog used on the metal bits; I just found them too shiny for my tastes.

Now, with exception to the riders, whom I admit, I actually painted their flesh a few years ago, I didn't touch this model again until last week. Everything you saw in the previous two pics was done back in May (2013). The riders were finished up in the past few days, and the base was flocked prior to mounting the chariot to it, and now, with exception to spraying the model with a sealer, it is done.

Done! And ready for war!


Out of the badlands in search of rat men to squish!
So there you have it! The finished chariot! Depending on how well this does in battle I will consider adding another.