A few years ago, I found myself with a bit of disposable income and skipped on down to the local hobby store to spend it. Vexed by the prices of adding a unit of 3 bikers to my fledgling Dark Angels army for Warhammer 40,000 I found myself looking at the rack of Warlord Games products and I was enthralled by them. You see, the notion of historical games has been tickling my interests since Warhammer Ancients was first released. Indeed, my pal DR TSG even purchased an army of Romans at this time, but I never could make a choice. Until that moment a decade later, when I saw how many miniatures I could get in a box of Hail Caesar Spartans vs. A box of Ravenwing Bikers.

That day I went home with the Hail Caesar book and a box of Spartans. Now, I haven't had any luck enticing anyone else to get into Hail Caesar, however Bolt Action has been gaining ground locally, and I got that rulebook and box of British Infantry a few weeks later, and now, finally I am starting to build out the army while I watch the release schedule for the Gate of Antares line.

I like the way Warlord is running their business and supporting the hobby. After all, this is a company ran by the guys who made GW such a fun company to support back in the '90s. I especially enjoy their products and their miniature line so far, especially the pricing in regards to the quantity of product one gets for the money.

As a "thanks" I've decided to leave a link here for their primer for 40K players interested in Bolt Action: 40k Players Guide to Bolt-Action.

This page will serve as a gallery and base for my future Warlord modeling projects.


The British:
"Shssssh: I'm hunting Tigers!"
British-infantry-part-one. part 2, part 3, part 4,
Note that part 4 of this series has my step-by-step on painting British WWII uniforms.

British Infantry squad-2 part 1,

PIAT team.
PIAT Team. See finished paint jobs in British Infantry Part 4.

Universal Carrier Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sometimes you lose. And sometimes you lose on FIRE!

A collecion of the reports of the Bolt Action games I have played.

Battle! Action! Bolt Action! 1st game-1000pt Brits vs. Germans
Ally Combat Drills (with live ammo!) 1000pt Brits vs Yanks
If You're Gonna Die 1000pts of Brits vs. Germans
The Enveloping Situation. Double Envelopment, 2nd ed mission.

I really enjoy the background for this game and find the game itself to be very interesting. Here is a more expanded write-up on these thoughts: Beyond-gates-of-antares box set review.

c3-strike-troopers Part 1, c3 Strike Troopers Part 2, Part 3,

Concord C3 Strike Troopers.

BtGoA Battle Reports
Battles, skirmishes and clashes.
The First Antares Exploration. - Ghar vs. Concord. Our first attempt to play through the rules.


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