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My two primary armies are both Warhammer 40,000 armies. They are Orks and Space Wolves and they both have their own pages on this blog. They tend to dominate this blog in battle reports and modeling posts. Particularly the Space Wolves which have been a primary focus since 40k 5th edition. However, my interests have been jumping around a bit lately and I have been dabbling and tinkering with some of my secondary armies, and eye-balling my tertiary armies. To help keep up with them, and to show case them, I created this page. I had a post I published back in 2011 called "My other armies" which showcased a single painted model from a few of my other armies, and that post remained in the top most-viewed post on this site for a long time. So for those who regularly follow this blog, you can get an idea of what's coming down the line (eventually).

Note on Warhammer Fantasy: I haven't focused on this game for years until very recently and there are not enough posts to warrant any one WFB army of mine to have their own page. This will serve as a link index for them, as well as Specialist Games. Added Note: My work on WFB pretty much ceased with the arrival of AoS. That game holds no interest for me and I'm just holding onto the WFB models to see what happens next.

Ok, my secondary armies are armies that are quasi-playable, have some painted models, etc. They are my "getting there soon" armies.

My tertiary armies are mostly unassembled, mint-in-box (or blister) models that I dream on getting too soon but don't know if I will live long enough to make them happen. (No, I'm not dying soon ...I hope anyway... but it will take a lifetime to get to them!) They are also the armies I would sell if I had too (don't make any offers yet!).

Here is a summary, below that is where the pics and links will end up. I will try to organize them in the order of this list.

  • Chaos (incorporating Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Black Legion and Khorne Daemonkin).
  • Dark Eldar
  • Imperial Guard
  • Ultramarines (includes Legion of the Damned)
  • Celestial Lions
  • Dark Angels
  • Eldar
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Tyranids
  • Daemons of Chaos
  • Empire
  • High Elves
  • Orcs
THE TERTIARY ARMIES OF NEVERNESS (yeah, no secondary at this time)
  • Bretonians
  • Dwarves
  • Skaven (I have a Mordhiem gang painted up, but not nearly enough to use in WFB)
  • Space Marines (started on them).

  • Orcs
  • Humans (still think I will make them the 'Bright Crusaders').
  • Norse
  • I would LOVE to do a Chaos Dwarf team, but only have 2 minis and I can't even call that a tertiary army
  • Skaven (Primary)
  • Empire (Reiklanders, swiping models from my WFB Empire army) (secondary)
  • HIgh Elves (Shadow Warriors) (Secondary)


  • Daemons of Chaos

  • Bloodthirster (original)

    Original Bloodthrister aka "Skippy"
    This is the original Bloodthirster. When I painted him he still belonged to my brother, but I acquired him when I bought his armies from him. Note the Dark Angel shoulder pad on his base, proving that the original intent was to use this model for WH40k. I believe I painted this model as a color study for trying to figure out what color I wanted to paint his Khorne Daemons and the 'new' Blood Thirster if we ever got one (which, we never did...sigh...). But I was, and still am, satisfied with the color study. It reminds me of the painted Bloodthirster in the original Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness book that was fighting a Space Marine Dreadnought. Ah, classic stuff... Personally, I like the character of this model and still think he works even though the current model has way bigger and better wings. Oh, and the one time I ever went to Games Day I entered him into the Golden Demon awards. He didn't have a hope! LOL

    Daemon Prince 1 -Khorne themed Daemon Prince. The 1st of many...
    Keeper of Secrets 1 -AKA, She Who Milks, Rogue Trader era model.
    Daemonettes Rogue Trader era models.

  • Chaos Space Marines.

  • World Eaters/Khorne Berserkers

    Don't call me 'bunny'.
    This model's color scheme (and the glare in this pic is giving a false yellow highlight that really isn't there) is sorta of based off of some models I think I saw in a Codex or White Dwarf, in particular the green belt as it totally contrasts against the red and I think it looks good.  I really had fun with the tones. It was a simple model to paint really and as a result this paint job became the basis of my Worldeater force and he is now part of a whole squad of berserkers.

    My brother was building a World Eaters army toward the end of 2nd edition, and this is the only space marine model that I painted for it. We were very unsure what to do with a good chunk of his models for this army, as when the World Eater models became Khorne Berserkers (a unit type vs. a Chapter) we struggled to figure out what to do with all the models he had that were armed with bolters. Now that I own them, I will simply use those guys as 'chaos space marines' with Marks of Khorne and leave these chain sword wielding psychos as the Khorne Berserker unit type.

    UPDATE: I have been working on my World Eater since my recent move, and have even finished a Land Raider and Hellbrute for them. A full unit of Berserkers is mostly done now too, sans decals.

  • Imperial Guard

  • The Imperial Guard are an army that I sort of stumbled into. Actually, they are really two armies. One is a Valhalla army that I got a good deal on from a friend many years ago, and the other is my brother's old Cadian army. That army is joined by models he got from The Doctor, and some of those go all the way back to when we started playing in the Rogue Trader days. I am fusing the Valhallans and Cadians into one army by simply giving them the same color scheme. At this point the work I need to do is quite a lot to get them truly battlefield ready, but they are functional enough that I could get them up and running to use at least as allies.

    Imperial Guard: Valhalla (pending)
    Imperial Guard: Cadians (metal)
    Imperial Guard: Cadians (plastic)
    RT-era imperial Guard paint-scheme on current era Cadians

    The following list of models can be viewed at this link:
     Storm Troopers (original)
     Leman Russ Battletank 
     Imperial Psykers

  • Legion of the Damned

  • This is no longer an army (sadly) but this single unit of Legion of the Damned has been making appearances with my Ultramarines. It occurs to me that whenever I get the Celestial Lions into something resembling a functional force that I will be able to use the LotD with them as well. So I decided to set them apart in this list.
    Legion of the Damned.
    Link to post that show-cased this unit.

  • Ultramarines

  • The Ultramarines were my brother's primary army back in the day when we played 1st and 2nd edition. It was quite a vicious army in 2nd if I recall. Most of these models are VERY old! Read more about it in this next link:
    Ultramarine army
    Link to post that show-cased pretty much every model I have for them.

    Primaris Reivers
    Ultramarines Captain

  • Tyranids/Genestealer Cult

  • My tyranids are still mostly genestealers with a few unbuilt support units. I have more, but they are not battle ready. They are a secondary army for me, and I only see myself toying with them once in a blue moon when the desire to play with, or work on, something completely different from my normal models.

    Here are my genestealer hybrids:

    And a battle report showcasing my genestealers and my (unpainted) Hive Tyrant.

    Genestealer Patriarch

  • Celestial Lions

  • This is my Codex: Space Marine army of choice, that is, before I acquired my brother's classic Ultramarines. The Celestial Lions are based upon the awesome background that GW developed for the 3rd war of Armageddon campaign.  This is going to be the army that will have the updated equipment (current style rhino-chassis, etc.), however I am thinking that said equipment will not be in the best of condition, again based upon the Armageddon background. I whipped up this guy for a local painting competition (I lost to a vastly Superior painting of Typhus) but I guess the lack of challenge in the paint scheme sort of bored me so I have the rest of the models hanging out on the painting table. This will be a small army that I don't intend to make too big, but allow me to use models and tactics that aren't available to my Space Wolves. Again, with the Ultramarines now in my possession they have dropped down deeper into their Tertiary rank.

    Space Marine Captain

    Celestial Lions Land Speeder

  • Dark Angels

  • I have been contributing to the painting of a friend's Dark Angel army sporadically for nearly two decades now and I have always liked painting them and the way that they turn out when I do. They have held the test of time as well. I do have the 8th edition starter set and the intent to eventually field a small, mostly Ravenewing, army but I think they will mostly serve as allies for Imperial Guard. I want to do Ravenwing because the playing style will be so vastly different from my other space marine armies. However, this will remain a Tertiary army for the time being as I currently lack the resources and time to focus on them.

    Dark Angel Tac Squad

    Cypher here is the model that represents the painting style that I do the Dark Angels in. I originally got him to harass and annoy my friend's Dark Angels armies as he lead The Fallen through the war-torn wastes of the 41st millennium spreading his different kind of truth... ;) With his new data-slate, I hope to use him in some of my other armies!
    Dark Angel combat squad

  • Dark Eldar

  • The Dark Eldar have always fascinated me. A twisted evil full of malevolence and yet lithe and beautiful. I have been itching to get a functioning army of these bastards up and running ever since the 3rd edition boxed set arrived on pre-order at my door way back in '98. I loaded up on this army 10 years ago when Serious Hobbies closed down (apparently they weren't so serious after all) and it's where I first met my pal Warfrog whose first words to me were a comment on the mountain of Dark Eldar boxes that I had in my arms ("They die in droves you know..."), However, I never did anything with this army for many years, but with the new Codex and models, I'm very keen to get this army going and into a secondary if not primary army of mine.
    Early progress on the Kabalite Warriors. 
    This is my first paint scheme attempt that I recently completed on one of the original plastics from the 3rd ed starter box. I like it a lot (although I'll probably not go so over-board with the cast-light glow from the eyes on future models. This pic also shows you some of his peers that I slowly dab on in between painting whatever my focus model of the moment is. The glider is for a scratch built Beastmaster and the Ambul behind it is the 'beast', a Clawed Fiend from the earliest days of Rogue Trader!)

    Dark Eldar Beastmaster.
    Archon of the Obsidian Rose
    Archon of the Obsidian Rose. 

  • Eldar

  • Guardians of Saim Hainn
    This is pretty much the only finished miniatures for my Eldar army. I have 12 more of these exact models that are half-way painted, and they have seen in this state since about...1998. I recall I was working on them while waiting for 40k 3rd ed to be released, and when I saw the Dark Eldar, I set them aside. Not that I ever did anything with them either! LOL. I really enjoy these models, but I have a few more additions to make before I can get back to them. When I do turn my attentions back to this army, this unit will get finished 1st.

    Ultimately, I think I might move away from the 'bone' colored weapons. The 'eavy metal team paints their Saim Hainn Eldar with black guns and I think they stand out better. BTW, these were the repackaged original mono-posed plastic guardians that came with metal shurikan catapults.


  • Sisters of Battle
  • A truly tertiary army: Not a single blister has been opened and not one model has been so much as had it's flash scrapped off let alone primed! And yet, I am the guy who did the art for Armorcast's Inquisitor magazine back in the day, in particular a piece with a Sister torturing a dude long before the range was ever released, and yet, I have never done anything with them. I was always sort of bothered by their armor, it always seemed more like work to paint them than fun. Still, I love the models and have quite a huge force, just waiting for their day to finally shine...

    Update: Since the release of Age of Sigmar, the state of my Warhammer Fantasy Battle projects have all be regulated to 'Limbo'. I am unsure how to proceed at this point.

  • Daemons of Chaos

  • Blood Thirster
    (see the 40K blurb above).
    I may be short, but I can still take your skulls!

  • Empire
  •  This army has a lot of models built and base coated, but very few finished models. I spent A LOT of time on the Captain on Pegasus, but didn't get much else finished with the army before 40k pulled me back into it's grip.

     Captain on Pegasus
    Check link for more pics and info.


    The spearmen is a unit that I started and when I proudly finished the 1st guy, and thought that they would be really quick and easy to do,  well turns out that yeah, they are, but they sort of bored me too. So they have been taking me forever to get done. They are still on my painting table and I pick at them sometimes. These four are the ones that are done, sans shields.

  • High Elves

  • The High Elves were the 1st the faction I ever made an effort to build an army for. I love the background and look of this army. I have a lot them base coated and built, and I truly intend to get them up and running again at some point.


    These are the classic models that game in the 4th Edition boxed set. Yeah, mono-pose they may be, but when painted well they look striking when ranked up as a unit. Also, they have the added bonus of not having the appearance of wearing ovenmits like the newer ones do.

    This was the unit that I first came up with the idea of using the upside down crescent moon on their shields, which became the army's icon.


    This model was a generic Elf wizard back in the day, although I believe he was intended to be a High Elf, I often saw him packaged for Wood Elves (must be the bird) regardless, I have always liked the model, and decided he would fit in well with my High Elves. I chose to not paint him white but instead use the fade-from-black-to-twilight scheme that I use on the army's shields. Plus it ties in with the traditional "stars on robes" look that you see on wizards in fantasy art.

  • Orcs & Goblins

  • My Orc army is my current Fantasy army of focus. Indeed I have been working on them off an on all summer (2013) and recently came across a mint in box 7th edition starter set which pretty much doubled my army with gobos. So now I have an abundance of options for this army. Until last summer when AoS was released, this army was actively being covered on the main page of this blog. Previous links are listed here:
    orcs-with-c-part-5-regiment done!
    Chariot of Waaagh!
    da-leada-of-da-waaargh -Finished Black Ork Warboss (AKA: Grumlock and Gazbag)

  • Bretonians
  • I have two sets of the 5th edition WHFB starter set as well as few miscellaneous blisters and boxes. This is an army I have always loved but I see it as a wicked challenge to try to paint these models. With every knight being pretty much unique it looks to be a beast of an army to try to tackle, but I know it will be very satisfying once it's done. I haven't painted a single model for this yet, and at this time remains very much a tertiary army.

  • Dwarves
  • I had no desire to build a Dwarf army yet I have accumulated dwarf models over the years. The 7th edition starter set loaded me up with a small army that I think I just might go ahead a make playable. Very far down the list of priorities at this time, although I did recently paint a single model so all the dwarf loot depicted on my gobos will have a theme to unify them to. I experienced an unexpected level of joy painting this model, and I might be convinced to paint more sooner than later!

    A single dwarf

  • Skaven

  • Mostly for Mordheim and used most recently for WFRP. For more info see :...they're-rats."

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