Saturday, August 06, 2011

Past works

Nothing new to talk about, so I shall dive into the archives to look upon 'paint-jobs past'.

First up is Cypher. I entered this model in Golden Demon '99 (didn't get far, I was up against stuff that looked liked it fell from heaven it was so good),

I've been very pleased with the way his robes turned out. This is the paint scheme my good friend The Dr. and I decided to use for this Dark Angels. At the time Cypher could be used by the opposing Chaos player (as well as a squad of Fallen) and I had intended to do a full squad of Fallen just to hassle him with. However with each edition 40k gets, the Fallen and Cypher tend to get left further behind, so there was no reason to ever do up the full squad (other than that they would look sweet!). I have a bitz bag with at least 10 Cypher backpacks just waiting for the day when the Fallen will once again have rules...
This is one of the few examples I have of using non-metallic paints to do a metallic color scheme. I think, a decade later, it still holds up well ...

Next up, these minis are all non-40k. In fact, they are not even GW models! (Gasp!) In the last decade my group and I were on a major D&D 3rd edition kick, and I took great joy in painting single models for my friends. So when I got this new camera, I went over to see my friends and snapped a few pics of the models I have painted for them over the years.

This is Gloe the wizard. I really enjoyed painting this one.

Kax the she was in her early dungeon diving days...

...and Kax after she became a Pirate Queen. (we had to update the mini after that! Arrr!)

And finally Bink's bad-ass assassin. Much slaughter and mayhem was carried out by her.

Hope you enjoyed!