This page is where I recollect, possibly rant, on certain past elements of the hobby and game (specifically Warhammer 40,000) that I miss or just recall fondly.

The idea for doing this came to mind after reading a half-assed nostalgia article on another site. It showed flashy pics, which were nice, but those articles never seem to be written from the POV of someone who actually played the game during that time. The article  never amounted to anything more substantial than "Golly gee, I found a 25 year old White Dwarf and I gotta show you this -it's neat!" Here I shall attempt to try to do it right.

Anachronistic 40k: assault-cannon.
Anachronistic-40k: Madboyz.
Anachronistic: d-cannon.
Anachronistic 40k: Dark Eldar

Psychostyrene The first plastic dwarf kit.
Anachronistic-40k: Jump Packs.

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