Sunday, July 19, 2020

The 2020 Inquisitional Conclave (Decision time: Part 1)

Last month I declared my intentions to host the Inquistion Conclave here on the Neverness Hobby Chronicle, and from the feedback I received we are definitely going to do this. All you have to do is get yourself an Inquisitor miniature and throughout August, paint it up and send me your progress updates. You can message me directly at, and send me either pics or a link to your own blog. It's up to you). Of course, I'll post my own updates here as well. We will kick this off on August 1st, with the Conclave itself to happen on the first week or weekend of September; I will know more as we get there. That should be plenty of time for most of us I hope!

Now, I need to decide on what I am going to paint. I have a few candidates to chose from, but first let's see who they are:

This first model also happens to be the first Inquisitor I ever owned. Dr. TSG and I, on one of our jaunts into Ipswich in '89, had a little spending money left over and we decided to split a blister pack. This had just came out, and he really wanted the mini with a goat tee*. We didn't even know which arms went with which model, we just worked it out. He loved that mini so much he painted it that weekend.** I didn't even own paints yet, so he remained, and remains still, unpainted.  He is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and looks ready to burn some witches. Note, this was the only blister pack I ever got from the Rogue Trader era or since, that came with gray bases.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.
 The second Inquisitor I acquired was purchased in the USA around '95, deep into 40k's 2nd edition. Unlike the above model which was cast in lead, this model is pewter. I think that GW US's early pewter castings were a bit sloppy and often lost detail. Regardless, this guy with his weird "car body" armor got to get into a few games back then. He was fairly common here in the States because he was sold with the Imperial Assassin which was kind of a "must have" miniature in the early days of 2nd Edition. Armed with a chain sword and... a...ah... whatever gun.

Inquisitor in VW class power armor.
 This next miniature is not an official  Inquisitor model, but with that attitude I say why not? He is the Space Eunuch from an old pack of Adventurers. I have used him as an Inquisitor, a member of an Inquisitor's Retinue and as a corrupted Imperial Governor. I still think he would make a humorous, yet bold, Inquisitor.

Space Eunuch.
 This next one isn't an official Inquisitor either, but he is very rare, and if you know his lore from Lost And The Damned it would be very cool to use him as one. I can see how this model may have influenced some of the later Inquisitor sculpts also. Anyway, this is a Sensei, or rather the Sensei as this is the only official GW model of a Sensei (AFAIK). It could be fun to have this guy crash the 2020 Inquisitional Conclave, yes?

The Sensei.

I have other options to consider which I still have mint in box or blister.

Inquisitor Lord Cortez (and friends).

The Witch Hunter and his host of fanatics.
 I think this next one may have been a limited release but I am not too sure. I just recall thinking at the time that $15 was a lot to pay for a single model blister. Current me would like to slap past me with a big fish.

Yes, his arm option is a pointing finger.
 I thought I had another of this miniature with a different gun option but I was apparently wrong.

Lady Witch Hunter.
And as shown in the previous post I also have the special release of Eisenhorn.

Soon I will make my final choice. Heck, I might just say screw the lot of 'em and get that bald woman with the shuriken catapult.  Clearly my options are open, and so are yours! We will see what I pick before the month of August is over.

My buddy The Bob got so excited last month that he jumped the gun and started painting up two Inquisitors. One of which he has already finished! He keeps this pace up, and we'll just host the Conclave at his house! 😆

TheBob's WIP Inquisitor. 

Bob's finished Inquisitor. 

*The same model that the painting of Inquisitor Draco on the cover of the 1st edition of Inquisitor was inspired by.

**I hope to do a feature on this miniature of his in the near future.