Sunday, January 19, 2020

Intercessors of Fenris (Part 6)

My attention returns now to the second squad of Intercessors that I started some time back. In the last post of this series,  Intercessors Part 5,  you can see the completed models of the first squad. Or were they the second? The first Primaris models I built, back in Intercessors-of-Fenris-part-1, are the miniatures featured in this post. Somehow I got the other ones done first, but if you hang around on this blog long enough you'll see that this is typical of me...

"Don't look, but there's a Dreadnought behind us..."

Here is a pic taken back in Novemer of 2018. Only the bases and the armor's basecoats were done. I had dabbled on them somewhere in between because they ended up with Fire Dragon Orange for their yellow basecoats and Khorne Red for their Red basecoats on their respective pauldrons.

Shadow Grey Basecoats. 
After too much neglect I felt the urge to work on them a bit more. Adding Russ Grey for a midcoat on the armor I was eager to get them done so I pushed on.

Russ Grey Midcoats.
Next I used Space Wolf Grey as the third layer, which gives them a nice frosty look. I critically low on this color and I am desperately searching for an analog for this color...I curse myself for not buying more of this when I had the chance, but then I simply never foresaw that color being discontinued after being around for over two decades.

Space Wolves Grey coat. 
Running out of time, and with attention needed on my 2-D pursuits, I have reached a stopping point. One of the things I am pondering in the interim is the small shield on this guy's arm. I like it a lot and I want to do something different on it. I may stick a decal on it, but due to it's size my options are limited. Maybe just the pack marking color or a personal heraldry? Not sure, but I am willing to entertain any ideas you lot might have, so feel free to leave me a comment.

Sorry, "YOUR AD HERE" has been vetoed already.

Hopefully there will be another update sooner than later!