Saturday, September 28, 2019

Goff Ork Dreadnought (Part 1)

Hello and greetings! It's that time of year once again where the leaves are changing, and falling, and when some of us miniature hobbyists commit ourselves to painting either a Dreadnought (or something in its class) for Dreadtober, or something Orky for Orktober. As I have cheekily done in the past I am combining them both and once again I am painting up an Ork Dreadnought. This time it's a Goff themed one, straight out of Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition.

Straight from .94.

This model was released in early 1994, mere months after the launch of 40k 2nd ed. It was a replacement for the cardboard dread that came in the starter box, and the design of this model was very close to the image in that 2-D "model". (re: Waaagh Bink}.

They were nigh invulnerable from the side...

In fact, I think I like the way it's colored on that cardboard Dreadnought than I do the one on the box. Something I shall ponder on while I get closer to that stage...

exploded view instructions. 

Assembling this model is fairly easy but just in case the back of the box has this simple exploded view available. When I put mine together it be without the back banner, as those things are just to fragile and prone to snapping. Also, storage is more challenging with them and I am having enough challenges in that regard as it is and don't need any more complications in that matter.

Here is the model, bear in mind that this is not glued. It never has been during the past 25 years that I have owned it. It's a testament to the design by Norman Swales and Alan Perry that this thing can practically snap together and stay together to some degree. I will finally choose a pose for it and glue it properly in the upcoming weeks.

I am still facing challenges to my hobby time but I am getting to a spot where I can squeeze in some miniature work. It's practically lamentable how little output I have had since June but the 2-D art I have produced has been very satisfying (and I am getting paid for it). But I have every intention to complete this Dreadtober project by the Halloween deadline (bookies are now taking bets).

Once it's done my goal is to have it clank across the battlefield blasting my enemies with it's mighty guns and ripping them apart with it's massive power claws. Just like it says on the box!

Dig that flavor text. 
See you in October!!!

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Blood Axe Boyz (Part 2)

Made some progress on these boyz in that these models now have color on them.

"Da only col'ah dat matterz is green!"
I proceeded with the plan as layed out in Part-1. I started out with a Priming Base Coat of Tamiya Khaki. A color I originally purchased for use with my Bolt Action models but first used on my Blood Axe Dreadnought last year.

"I'm so KHAKI!"
That was done in late July of this year. Work and other projects have taken my time in the interval. It is now the 3rd of September and I found a few loose hours that allowed me to add the next stage, which is Caliban Green, that I applied to the skin areas.

Caliban Green skin.

Next was a layer of Goblin Green.

Goblin Green layer.

Followed by a mix of Green Ink, Yellow Ink and three drops of water. I mixed it until it was about the color of anti-freeze, and then I glazed the flesh areas.

Glazed in glorious green!

...and that's as far as I have gotten so far, there are about three more layers to go and the ork flesh will be complete. And obviously there is quite a bit more to go besides just that, so watch out for the next update.