Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Year End Review

Already?! Geeze! A lot seemed to happen this year huh? Lots of exciting GW releases, most of which I was forced to watch vicariously due to a lack of time. For myself, I got a lot of hobby time in but most of that happened in the first half of the year. But let's see what I actually did manage to get done and in the order that I finished them.


These Dark Eldar Wyches were painted up as a scheme test.  These are a set of three of the original late '90s release of Wyches. I think they came out great, despite the fact that they haven't aged well when compared to the Jess Goodwin plastics that would come along almost a decade later.


These Intercessors are first Space Wolf Primaris marines that I managed to finish. I think they turned out great and I hope to finish the rest in the New Year., Or New Decade. Which ever.

KROM (The Older)

Krom Dragongaze, who I had teased for the past few End Year Reviews, was finished in February. He turned out great, but I am bummed that I have yet to use him in a game.


Stormsire was the first member of Stormsire's Cursebreakers that I was able to finish.


And the rest of the Cursebreakers were soon to follow. I was pleased with how fast (for me) that they painted up and was eager to paint the ghosts from the same set so that I could start playing Nightvault locally, but I simply never got to them...


The Space Wolf Stormhawk Interceptor was mt biggest project of the year, but it was a blast. I think it turned out great and it proved to be quite a beast in the game. Da Masta Cheef was overly pleased that I finished it.


2019's addition to the annual Deadly Assassin series was this 2nd edition era Calidus Assassin. I now have a fully painted Execution Force. I need to decide which Assassin to paint for 2020, as I easily have another set of these things.


This Dire Avenger painted in the Ynnari scheme that was introduced in White Dwarf was painted as a test to see if I would enjoy it enough to do an army of these guys. I was pleased with it and intend to do more. Or I hope to do more.


Continuing on the Eldar kick I painted up some Dark Reapers also. They are intended to be for my Ynnari but they could work with my Craftworlders as well.


A set of Reivers that I painted up for my Space Wolves after realizing that these guys were good in Kill Team.


Orktober! I was able to get another entry done in this annual Ork/Dread-tober event. This one being the classic 2nd edition era metal Ork Dreadnought!

Last year I had pledged to attempt to play a minimum of 12 games in 2019, and I was on pace to do that until my current job started in August, killing my chances of achieving that goal. I am not even going to jinx myself like that in 2020.

There were, as there is each year, a number of projects that I started but haven't finished. I think I would like to make this year's resolution a promise to complete a number of the previous year's modeling/painting projects, but my time is so limited that it will be a challenge. As I stated in a few updates over the past few months, I have been doing a lot of fantasy art for a Dungeon Crawl Classics Zine, Tales from the Smoking Wyrm, and that has taken up most of the time that I used to allow for hobbies. Not that this is a bad thing as I'm having a blast with it, and it even pays!

A Necromancer from Tales of the Smoking Wyrm #1.

And I want to do more. On top of that, my always insane work schedule and commute, are also impacting my ability to get some models done, and worse, to play a game! But we'll see how things shake down in 2020.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Fanatics! (Part 1)

Do you remember equis tyranus? If not, go check it out. In that WFB battle The Bob 's High Elves kicked the tar out of my Orcs and Gobos but not without losing a few elves in the process, thanks mostly to my Fanatics. I declared in the wrap-up that battle report that I needed some more. Soon after that declaration, I found three very old miniatures on Ebay that I thought would fit the bill nicely.

Fanatic reinforcements.
After I gritted up their bases, it was time to prime them. I opted not to strip the paint off of the one model that had a green base coat and his metal ball painted like an 8 ball as these were fairly thin coats and not really worth the effort. I just took them outside and primed them in Chaos Black.

 Base coated.
Next I added the Caliban Green to the skin to form the base coat. The next layer after that was Goblin Green.

Following this was a thick liberal wash of my ork skin ink mix. Again, this is green and yellow ink mixed to a color similar to anti-freeze and thinned with a little bit of water.

The wash stage...

And... that's as far as I managed to get so far. Things are still a bit slow in the hobby side of my life, but I hope to get these guys completed by the New Year despite the challenges before me...