Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (part Six)

It's been a long week since I've been back and it doesn't feel like I've spent as much time on my painting projects as I would have liked. However, I did manage to get the bulk of the highlights done:

I have also added a base coat of 'Tin Bitz' paint to the frag defenders, the imperial eagle, and to the numerous skull icons that cover this tank. Not all of these icons will end up the same color in the end, the skull icons and imperial eagle will end up a goldish color in the end.

I also worked on the Storm Bolter gunner:

Applied the highlights to his armor, brought the orange on the shoulder pad up yellow and painted his head. I need to paint the 'cog-boy' symbol on his red shoulder and bring the flesh up to another level and this piece will be about done. I also the same to the Land Speeder:

However the land speeder and crew still need the Space Wolf Grey and Skull White highlights that the Land Raider now has. This is proving to be a challenge to properly paint the crew, and when I build the third Typhoon, it will be assembled like this and the Drop Pods, and painted while still on the sprue. The crew will definitely be painted before assembly. Detailing the right shoulder pads of both of the crew will be a real challenge...


On Saturday night I led the Wolves to battle versus the treacherous Aurora Chapter and their fiendish overseer Da Masta Cheef, who sought to seize the spoils of war for their own. It was a fierce battle (fought mostly against my dice, whom I assume have been selling their allegiance to my foes for sometime now) but I focused on the two objectives by keeping my troops on the objective in my deployment zone, and focusing on riding the fiendish traitor from his. The comedy of my dice rolling saw about 8 terminators brought down in the 2nd turn (note, about 6 of these deaths were 2+ saves!!!) and my Runepriest Terminator gibbed by a treacherous scout team. My Lone Wolf was particularly heroic, wiping out a squad all by himself, and fending off the hail of fire by the Aurora snipers (he would find his glorious death only in the after match). It was a fun game, in spite of the wretched dice. Da Masta Cheef's dice started to crap out on him in the 2nd half of the battle, so clearly the dice gods were not pleased with us. Somehow, despite my grueling loses I managed to get a victory, technical though it was. We continued on even after victory was formally declared just to see how things would've worked out if we played to the death, and I clearly lost! Keep an eye on this blog  to see if the Da Masta Cheef writes a blog about this fight.

That's all for now,


Da Masta Cheef said...

It never occurs to me to photograph my games as my one or two attempts @ battle reports have been dismal failures.

It was a good game though, and a pretty good write up (misguided as your point of view obviously is).

neverness said...

Yeah, I rarely get the chance considering how much stuff I have still doesn't have paint on it...oh look, you can see the Aurora tank cowering in the background, skulking away from the Emperor's light (actually, that thing about ruined my day big time when I figured how how little I had on the table that could deal with it!)