Monday, April 01, 2024

March for Macrage '24 (Part 4)


"Whoa, you guys aren't gonna believe this...!"

I like these models, and I just couldn't resist moving them up the painting queue to squeeze them into my March For Macrage goal for the month of March. 

I'm not going to do a full step-by-step painting guide for these guys as I have established that recipe in many posts already, but the cameoline cloak is a definite exception. I got these steps from issue 63 of Imperium Magazine.

The basecoat for the cloak is done by using Mechanicus Standard Grey. After that all of the cloak is wash with Nuln Oil.

After that Dawnstone is layer on top but leaving the recesses exposed. 

Then I draw vague geometric shapes all over it using Mechanicus Standard Grey. I noticed that my patterns were not nearly as dark as the examples in Imperium Magazine, and I found that I had to paint on two more coats over my pattern as well as an additional Nuln Oil layer to get it anywhere near dark enough for my satisfaction. After that I added another serious of geometric patterns but this time using Administratum Grey

I was able to finish these guys on March 29th. And I was quite happy with the results. 

The glow on the binoculars was also taken from Imperium Magazine (issue 65). I thought it look different enough to give it a go. Mephiston Red for the basecoat followed by a Nuln Oil wash them Mephiston Red again. Then the highlights were using in smaller coats starting with Evil Sunz Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange and a final edge highlight of Yriel Yellow.

The Sergeant decal was a real pain to apply. Not sure what happened but the top of it tried to disintegrate. Thankfully, and if you build this guy also I recommend this highly, I put the decal on before I attached the cloak. It ever so slightly covers the top of the decal which mostly hides my calamitous mistake. 

All-in-all, I thinknthese guys turned out well. So much so that I think I want to revist my old Sniper Scouts and apply this same technique to them. 

Alright, that's a wrap, but before March ended I was able to squeeze out one more painted model that will perfectly accompany this squad. But I'm saving that one for it's own post also. 


Suber said...

I love these particular minis, and I think you nailed them. Pretty awesome!

neverness said...

Thanks, I'm pleased with how they turned out also. In my opinion these "Vanguard" edition models are better than the ones that are sold separately.