Monday, September 26, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (and Speed) part 8

It's been a long time since I was able to focus on some mini painting, but this weekend I made a bit of progress on the Land Speeder Typhoon (that I haven't touched since...late June?) In the pic above you can see where I have touched up the middle coat, and worked on the Aquila emblem on the front as well as the shoulder pads of the crew.

This pic is a focus on the gunner. The chest Aquila gave me a real challenge. Ideally I would like to paint these models in a disassembled state prior to building them, but the necessities of having a field able army that doesn't look like a pack of cripples sort of gets in the way of this practice. Typically for Space Wolves I base the Aquila on the chest with Fiery Orange, then mid-coat with varying degrees of Sunburst Yellow before topping it off with highlights of Bad Moon Yellow and a dash of Skull white. But, this rarely works as the Bad Moon yellow, it not thick enough, can give off a bizarre greenish cast or worse, run into the grooves. There for a few strategic applications of brown ink helps contrast the grooves, and a muted wash of orange ink will help mute the yellow a bit, before adding few additional highlights of the yellows. I feel this is not very rewarding work however, and since I'm liking the bronze/gold effect on the Aquila on the front of the Speeder (and the Drop Pod -see 1st entry in this series) I'm tempted to try this out on the next Wolf Pack that I paint.

Here are the collected parts of the Typhoon, I finally painted the launchers choosing to make the warheads red (I have made them white on past models, but ultimately feel that the red contrasts better).

As further proof of my old school cred:

When I did the original Land Speeder a few years back I opted to use these decals. Having used the classic 'Ragnar' style decals over the years, I found them to be a source of frustration, especially trying to apply them to the unforgiving curvature of the Space Marine shoulder pads. In an effort to be unique, and to bring my army around full circle, I've decided to use this style for my army's company markings. Also, I feel this mixes well with the newer style, and so my army will contain a mix (sometimes on the same model) of these emblems.

...and here they are, applied to the two crew members, Also note that the Landspeeder Typhoon now has it's final highlight of Skull White on the hull and the marines.

Just a few more steps and this will be done!


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