Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warfrog's Red Terror

My old pal Warfrog recently posted pics of a model I painted for him a few years back.His pics are vastly superior to the ones I'm posting here and I encourage you to check them out! For some odd reason I can't post the reply to his page, so I'm posting it here with a link to his page:

'Thanks! And thanks for the pics! These look better than the ones I took.

This was a difficult model to paint, at least in the way that I was visualizing it. I wanted the red to blend from dark to bright, with the tail being black and getting more intense as the color proceeded up the torso. Sounds easy enough, but it took me a long to to get it to a point where I was satisfied with it. I wanted the weird "ribby-gutty" bitz to look as meaty as possible. I used a very old discontinued Citadel color, 'titillating pink' which I dulled up to a white, and then red-washed with ink until I was satisfied that it looked nasty enough. I also did the same thing with the mouth, but I did more layers to try to get a brighter, more snake-like feel. Oddly, by the time I completed this model the Red Terror was out of the Codex. Still, we have fond mirthful memories of the RT eating a Great Unclean One! (in the 1st 3rd ed Chaos Codex, the GUO was way underpowered!).' -Neverness


War Frog said...

My settings show that anyone can comment, I think the issue is on your end. And please consider changing your background, previously viewed links blend into your background color.

K thnks bye

neverness said...

Weird, the links look fine to me, but I will mess with them settings and see if I can change it.

I don't know what setting I could have that prevents me from posting on your blog but no anyone elses....