Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our first 6th ed game

Last night Warfrog and I got together to try out the new Warhammer 40,000 6th edition rules system. We chose 1000pt each, I took Space Wolve and he chose Tyranids. It was supposed to be a toss-off kind of practice game, but as is typical when we play, we totally got into it and didn't stop until after 2am! I took two Runepriests so I could play around with the new psi rules, my classic landspeeder to see if the tweaks to skimmers could be experienced, 2 Rhinos each with a 6-man squad of Greyhunters, a pack of Longfangs, a Lonewolf and a drop pod with 5 Wolfguard.
I'll let Warfrog explain the hilarity of this situation! LOL

We took a bunch of pics and Warfrog is committed to doing a battle report in the next few days, and talking about what we thought of certain rules. I had a few WTF moments with a few things, but in hindsight I get the 'theatrical' elements that GW was trying to achieve with this edition and they sort of make sense when I think about them from that perspective. As is typical, my dice stole the show and blew our minds- as my Runepriest could attest too.  :)

Anyway, it was more fun then either of us thought it would be, so look forward to his write up. Once he posts it, I will add a link on this blog post.

UPDATE: Here's Warfrog's report: and I am adding my additional observations to his comments thread. So continue over there please (it's like a comic book cross over!)

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