Friday, January 25, 2013

Erik Axegrinder: Deathwatch Marine

Presenting: Erik Axegrinder of the Deathwatch.

Die Xenos scum!
Erik Axegrinder didn't begin life as my typical named Warhammer 40,000 personality would. No, in fact, Erik was created on paper as a Deathwatch RPG character for the Doctor's Deathwatch game. I knew he would be a Space Wolf and I wanted to tie him in with my Space Wolf army, so I decided he should be kin to Sven Axegrinder
His origin is somewhat meek, one really sort of limited to what elements were randomly generated for the role-playing game; but I did decide that the reason his battle-brothers forced --I mean, bestowed the honor of joining the Deathwatch to him, was because he was found siting alone during a Great Feast with his nose in a data-slate and heard to say, when questioned, about his lack of participation that he was reading up on some "great ideas for us in this book"; the book turned out to be the Codex: Astartes. Two weeks later he found himself swearing new orders to a new Commander (Talltree, I believe, a character associated with the Doctor's legendary Rogue Trader era space marine chapter), and being requisitioned a bunch of sweet new gear.

It was during our 1st game, that Erik came to the realization that "What was I thinking?! The Codex Astartes is crap!" as the unit was getting thrashed by a Thousand Sons Dreadnought! It was brutal and epic! LOL

It was a short 2 session game that we played while I was in town for a business trip. All of us decided it would be cool to actually make a miniature of our character even though we rarely use miniatures for the Doctor's games (in fact, it might actually be never). One of the guys (Brian) got his done up really quick, and even though I had gathered together all the elements to make him and primed him almost immediately, I only dabbed at the model for about 2 years... in fact if you look through past blog posts you might see elements of Erik scattered about on my painting table.

While working on some Long Fangs and Land Raider bits (all future blogs in the making) I kept throwing color on the Erik model. This (pic to the right) is the point I was at with him last week. And yes, I prefer to paint as I assemble...Yes, this makes it slower to get them done but I am far more satisfied with the end result.

While working on the Long Fangs earlier today, I was a bit vexed with one of the models that didn't have anywhere to put his chapter icon. The solution was to put it on the back plate on a back pack. I simply grabbed a micron, and drew it on. So pleased with how that turned out, I repeated it for Erik's backpack as well.

That's right, hand drawn!
 After that, I decided it was simply time to finish Erik. And finish him today! After a series of touch-ups I decided he needs some grenades. I have a bin with a lot of extra Imperial Guard grenades that I just love. So stuck those on after I was finished with the right knee guard.

Next I put on his arm, then the knife and finally the shoulder pad. A note on the shoulder pad, this is one of the original Rogue Trader era decals, and I discovered that these are bit brittle with age. The semi-circular bit on the lower right the icon tore off while handling, but I was able to fix it with a micron. Surprised at how easy that was to do considering that when I thought of the solution I was sure I would go mad in the attempt.

Next I added the Deathwatch plate then I applied some additional ink washes to the wolf pelt which I wasn't pleased with at first as I thought the head kept blending into the over-all pelt. I'm satisfied with it now.

And ta-da! He's now assembled! I fixed the base a took a few photos and now, here he is! 

Just needs some flock for grass (and yes, the base looks great with the top image, but that thing needs some grass too!), and I might stick a decal on his right leg but that might be more trouble than it's worth at this point... I shall ponder it.

In my 40K games, Erik will be used as either a Wolf Guard Squad Leader or as stripped down Lone Wolf. Which is why I chose to use the yellow and black claw markings instead of the red and black of a typical Grey Hunter. I have no doubt that Space Wolves returning back to the chapter would be anything less than a Wolf Guard for the experience! Or perhaps to find their original pack has perished or maybe his mingling with other chapters now puts him in a weird 'outsider' status? -Lone Wolf!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Bring on the glory!!!!



Now with flock

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Da Masta Cheef said...

Grrrr, Bloody Lone Wolves...

This reminds me, I need to redo the shoulder guard emblem on my never used (aside from a Sternguard) DW marine, Ozwald D'Krakon. I like the back story of getting punted from the chapter for not fitting in. Getting assigned to the DW is supposed to be a great honor, but we've both taken it to be a place for the misfits.