Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Did you remember to roll your 1?"

For the first time since last April, I got to play a game of Warhammer 40,000! I was able to arrange a game with Da Masta Cheef , Wolfy and the mysterious...JIM! We agreed to do a team game of 500 points each. With Da Masta Cheef and I both bringing Orks, while Wolfy would bring her Fem' FaTau in a (desperate) alliance with Jim's Space Marines.

Waaaargh! Ror-Ruk gather's a small force

Ror-Ruk's Ravagers
  • Ror Ruk (Ork Warboss) with a Power Klaw and an Ammo Runt
  • Painboy
  • Boyz Squad with Nob armed with a Powerklaw and a boy armed with a Big Shoota with a Trukk with a rokkit launcha
  • Boyz Squad with Nob armed with a Powerklaw and a boy armed with a Big Shoota with a Trukk with a rokkit launcha
  • Mek Gun with Kustom Mega Kannon and an Ammo Runt

Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun

Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun
  • Warboss with Da Lucky Stikk, eavy armor, and a big choppa
  • Painboy
  • Mek w/KMB
  • 17 slugga boyz, w/big shoota, Nob, & eavy armor for the whole squad
  • 10 grots and Runtherd
  • Looted wagon w/Kill Kannon and big shoota
  • Kannon w/ammo runt

The Fem Fa'Tau ...looking very fem indeed. 
The Fem Fa'Tau consisted of:

  • Darkstrider
  • Firewarrior team with Devilfish
  • Firewarrior team
  • Pathfinder Team with Pulse Accelerator Drone
  • Piranha

A gathering Dark Angels. Seen here tripping on hallucinogen gas. 
Dark Angels

  • Space Marine Captain with a Power Sword
  • Terminator Squad with just stormbolters
  • Marine Squad (5 man)
  • Marine Squad (5 man)
  • Ravenwing bikers (3)

Deployment: Kannon positioned defensively at the shrine, Trukk Boyz rev'n the engines!

As much as I would like to write about my thoughts on the army selection process, the current Ork Codex and 7th edition, I will post about that separately, as this report will be long enough.

We rolled 'Relic' for our mission, and the Orks deployed first.

Grots and 2nd Trukk with Warboss and boyz . 
The Eleet Grots deploy along with the Looted Wagon.

We went first, not much in the way of action, other than that we moved, fired a bunch of shots but didn't really do any significant damage that I recall. Other than the looted wagon rocking the heck out the Dark Angles that were laying low in the ruins of the far end of the table.

End of Ork turn 1. The Relic is that flag/banner thing next to the glowing orb on the right.

The Marines see the red Trukk through the windows, but fail to bring it down. 
The Ravenwing redirect, trying to avoid the trukk boyz. They take a hull point off of the red trukk. 
Around this time the grots get shot up really good by a Firewarrior team and route.

Turn 2

The grots rally,

Things get a bit vicious as the kannons open up and kill two of the Ravenwing bikers. A single biker remains.

The Looted Wagon scores a vicious blow on the marines as well, killing someone.

Deathwings. Now in Buffalo Sauce!
The last Ravenwing biker dies, and would've died well if when I fired my Mega Kannon my so called ally, Da Masta Cheef, didn't say, as a reminder of my 'Get Hot' rule, "Did you remember to roll your 1?" Which I then promptly did, negating my wonderful shot. *sigh*.

End of Ork turn 2
The Tau wreck the Ork Trukk!
"Time to slog it boyz!"
Turn 3
The Warboss and his boyz dismount. Ror Ruk had the Prophet of the Waargh! Warlord Trait, and I called it this turn. My boyz declared charges on the Devilfish, while the Orks of the Da Mountin Duvhsin charged the drones.

After the overwatch/snapfires, we still had a lot of orks left, and we successfully charges and destroyed our targets.

My other Boyz squad wanted revenged for their pretty trukk getting blown to hell, and declared a charge on the defended Tau, who promptly shoot and killed a few boyz before stepping back far enough to take them beyond my rolled charge range.

I hate the Tau. *sigh*.

"Oi! Come back!"
A moral victory, in the eyes of Da Masta Cheef anyway, occurred when he charged the deathwing with his Grots and tied them up in combat!

The grots were slaughtered! 

But Shultz! The Runtherd tied them up in combat with his Insane Courage!
Withstanding the withering hale of shooting, my ork boyz and the Ror Ruk managed to charge Darkstrider and her Fem Fa'Tau Firewarriors, and promptly murdered them all propa' like.
Challenges are still fun. 
Coming out to play, the 5 man squad of Dark Angel bashed through a wall and shot up a few of my orks. Seeing that the boss was taking care of the Tau, the Painboy redirected his boyz to deal with these Dark Angels, and they killed them down to final guy.

"Screw you xenos filth! I take you all down with my knife!"
The same thing occurred on the other side of the table, with the Space Marine Captain's unit being killed off and only he left standing in a ring of orks!

He's the green one with the sword. ;)
The Deathwing killed off Schultz! and were desperately moving in to assist their imperiled leader.

Turn 5
A unit of Pathfinders was making a run for the objective!

The field of battle at the top of Turn 5

Ror Ruk and Boyz kill off the Pathfinders. 
The Piranha makes a move to stop the grots from taking the banner!

I am unsure as to the fate of the Dark Angel Captain. He may have survived... oh yeah, I think I remember: the Ork Mob failed a morale test and killed themselves due to Mob Rules or something. I recall Da Cheef ranting about that around this point.

"I said stay back you filthy xenos!"
Meanwhile the Painboy and his boyz failed to kill the final marine, but the Powerklawed Nob splattered him good!
"I wonder if 'is helmet will fill up with blood and guts if I 'oldz him like dis?"
And at the end of Turn 5, the game ends.
We decided to call it a draw due to the secondary objectives, but it felt to me like another round and we might have managed to table or foes. it was possible, but with those terminators running around still, it's tough to say. And that Piranha just didn't want to die.

All-in-all, we had a good time!

Face down: Grots vs. Piranha. I appreciate their moxy, but I would bet on the Piranha.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes, those are my 'girls' (third photo for those who missed em)!

Greg Hess said...

Go grots go!

neverness said...

"Go grots go!" Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon theme if ever there could be one. Perhaps GW should explore the possibility?

Greg Hess said...

The grots are pretty much everyone's favorite. I was reading a story the other day about someone's grot squad being wiped out to the grot, and the lone grot passed morale, and then was ignored for the rest of the game...

Until on the last turn, an imperial knight needed to move to contest the objective...and guess who was blocking the imperial knight...for the game :)