Thursday, March 19, 2015

PIAT team

While continuing to assemble my British Infantry units for Bolt Action, I decided to create a few support teams. This one in particular required a bit of research however, as I didn't know how the PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) was held and fired in combat. Behold: Youtube.

I think it's obvious that the weapon can be fired from a laying down position, as shown effortlessly in this war-time propaganda clip . However I wanted to see evidence of it being held over the shoulder, as this seemed to be the only way to model it with this kit.

This clip from Weaponology truly explains how the thing worked, as well as explains the truth of the PIAT's battlefield effectiveness. (sorry old propaganda clip, you've been set straight!) Loading one of these things looks like a true pain in the ass, and I was tempted to convert this particular action on a model, but decided against it... after all there are a few ways to ready a PIAT.

What really convinced me to model this team the way I did however was this clip from the old war movie Theirs is the Glory. Arguably propaganda, like most of these old movies, but you got to let it go when faced with the pure warporn awesomeness of this scene. Dixon just strolls out, PIAT in one hand, ammo case in the other, and annihilates a Panzer like it was no more bothersome than checking the mail. I am utterly convinced that the chap who sculpted these models was a fan of this flick, right down to the details on the ammo case!

And finally, this is a great piece of reference Sons of Guns, as it firmly illustrates some of the problems that the PIAT was known for, although I question whether or not the explosions in this piece hasn't been augmented with the assistance of more flammable substances (gasoline in the old truck perhaps?). Check it out.

I am getting to the point now where soon I will work on the bases for my British Infantry, and then apply the primer before starting the challenging task of painting these blighters.


Da Masta Cheef said...

YOU NEED to name the gunner: PIAT Moriarty...

Kushial said...

@Cheef: HA!

@Neverness: Yes, Sons of Guns adds effects to make the explosions look nice on TV. They're pretty honest about doing it at least. As to PIAT gunners in movies, I always thought that they handled them well in the classic movie A Bridge Too Far. They stopped light vehicles like half tracks and such fairly well, but shots at tanks tended to be from upper floors of buildings to try and hit tanks on the top armor. And they suffered fairly heavy casualties using them due to their short range. Being a too man crew with just a single shot weapon, I still see a squad with anti-tank grenades being far far more reliable to take out enemy armor heavier than a halftrack.