Friday, February 20, 2015

Da Lead'a of Da Waaargh! (Part 3)

Grumlock and Gazbag. Finished model. 

Having been snowed in these past few days, it was actually easy to find a bit of hobby time. So much so that I have completed my big bad-ass Black Orc Warboss. I think I like 'Stompface' as a last name, but I am still working on a first name. Anyway, here are the the final steps:

Completion of the metallic parts of this massive axe. 
 This next pic shows the level I painted this up to prior to gluing on his axe. At this point I thought I was pretty much done.

 As you can see all bone bitz are now done, as are the countless metallic scratches and scuffs.

Rear shot. Gotta love the dwarf berserker trophies. 
Smile for the camera you defeated stunties!

And a close up of the model mostly done. Again, for those interested, the goblin flesh tone was finished by using Applebarrel Kiwi, with a final highlight of Sunburst Yellow. I couldn't tell you what the modern analogs are for these colors in the Citadel paint range.

As you can see, I thought it was done, but it needed...something.

Blood! He needs BLOOD!
 Yup, and I decided he needed it on his punch daggered fist! I like the idea of him wrenching his fist around in some defeated foe's guts. The Axe needed some blood as well, but just a little. After I painted the blood on, I just had to touch up one more thing, and that was the banding on the axe handle.

 And with that, he's done! This pic and the first pic show the completed model, complete with flock but minus the matte finish (it's too cold out to spray). Again, thanks to Edwin for gifting this model to me.

So, with him done, I was feeling inspired, and a tad bit mad with cabin-fever, so I pressed on with the Arrer Boyz for this army. Look for that post soon, but 'ere's a snippet to see what I'm up too!

"I didn't fink we 'ad da ball'istik  skill for dis kinda' fing" 

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Greg Hess said...

Great warboss! If you ever have an overcast day, try taking some photos of him outside. A lot of your detail work is being lost in the shadows of the direct lighting, and I can tell a lot of care and time was put into this propa warboss!