Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Neverness Rogues Gallery.

It's this blog's 6th Anniversary , and I spent some time recently exploring the early posts from this blog and seeing how I added things to it over time like new gadgets and pages on the tab bars. Recently I soft-launched a new page on my tabs bar simply called Rogues. It's actually short for
The Neverness Rogues Gallery.

Rune Priest Jarl Blacktooth.
The idea came to me while working on She Who Milks. I introduced her as a member of the Neverness Rogues Gallery. But it immediately occurred to me that I didn't formally have such a gallery, it was just being said as an expression. Regardless, I liked the idea of an actual rogues gallery. I have quite a few uniquely named characters that I have used over the decades as well as a few official Special Characters from the game.

The idea of naming one's own heroes has been a concept since the beginning of this game, and I can fondly recall the very first 40k games that I played where my friends had very unique and cool Mighty Heroes to lead their forces. It made the game seem a bit more personal and special to have a guy that you made up being either the hero or villain in a scenario or campaign.

So go ahead and click the link to the gallery to see them gathered in one spot as well as to see updated pics.

Do note that I am still building the site and will update it semi-regularly until it's caught up.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool! Gotta love a model with some history, they do take on a life of their own, don't they?

Good stuff, man!

Rory Priest said...

Love that classic mini. I might have one of it somewhere and all.

Zzzzzz said...

There's something about those old metal termies that the plastic ones - well, not so much 'don't have' as the plastic ones have lots going for them - but. well y'know what I mean...

neverness said...

Thanks everyone.
Yes they do take on a life of their own. Some of my most memorable named characters from way back in the day are from Blood Bowl 2nd Ed. I only played orcs back then and my team, Rok Ruk's Reavers, were paeticularly violent and always getting epically hurt. One player was even named 'Red Squishy', which was an appropriate description of his accumulated injuries.

That Rune Priest is indeed a classic model. Although the current plastics have a lot going for them in regards to dynamics, the old ones just have a character about them that time does not seem to be able to dispel.