Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arise, Cerastus, Arise! -Part Three- (TSG Post)

The mad Doc has been at it since we last checked in on his Imperial Knight Titan project. It's important to note that the Knight in the following pics isn't the same knight in the previous posts, for the Doctor is working on three Cerastus Knight Titans at the same time!

As per the previous posts, the following  quotes are from the text messages that he has sent me with the pics

"Notice how the sword arm swivels. It is magnetized at the arm/body connection and the elbow."

Here is the side view of the arm swiveling. This sword reminds me of a carrot peeler...

+"Finalizing the rubble on the cerastus titan base."

He seemed proud of how fine the granulation of his basing materials were so he sent me multiple pics of it, and well, maybe someone out there wants to see some detail of it, so enjoy!

On one of his other bases, he did more green stuff work that incorporates more vehicle wreckage...

Here is another view of these legs and you can see where he had to make some corrections to the casting by filling in the holes and gaps with greenstuff.

When he sends me more pics I will post another update.

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