Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chaos Bikers (Part 6)

Distracted by other hobby projects (more on those soon) these Chaos Bikers  took longer than originally projected, but paint still managed to get on them.

Flesh base coated applied on the fleshy bits.

Before I could get much further though, I was called out (publicly) to face down Kushial and his Lions of Harlech. Considering the points we agreed to field, I had no choice but to glue the bikes onto their bases ahead of the stage in which I ideally would have preferred. But when the cubs of the false emperor wander onto one's turf, sometimes drastic measures are called for...

Ready for that base!
...that ment rallying stuff out the paint queue and into the front lines!

Mount up and roll out!

This also ment breaking out some unopened blister packs that have been biding their time for their moment of murderous glory (more on that in a future post too) but they will make their first appearance as a unit in the pending battle report. And in their magnificently unpainted slender. Which is funny as Kushial messaged me to report that he was updating his list to include only painted models.
...I think I should feel bad about that, but I don't... ;)

Anyway, check out the hyperlink in the first paragraph to read a bit of short fiction that Kushial wrote as a preamble to the battle,  and check back here soon for the report as well as the continuing progress on these bikers.


Kushial said...

Should be a great test of arms between forces, and I'm looking forward to it. And no, no reason to feel bad about anything, it was more a challenge for me than to you on the painted force.

neverness said...

I am too. I am curious to see just how many tanks you'll have. One thing I like, and dread as a foe, about the new SM Codex is the option to take most of the tanks as squadrons as a single force org choice. Something I hope chaos can do in a future...