Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Return of She Who Milks! (Part 1)

Of all the sinister rogues in my collection, is there one as vile or as feared as She Who Milks? First revealed to the world many years (and 40k game editions) ago in a joyous Battle Against the Exodites, this vile fiend has only made a few appearances on tabletop, and this blog, since that time. "She" is an original Rogue Trader era model that has sadly remained in a semi-state of neglect.  I recently found her in a case all by herself and I lamented upon her rediscovery that I never finished painting her or any of my Slaaneshi models. Furthermore I thought how sad it is that as these models are slowly being redone in plastic that these original Greater Daemons are shrinking in size and relevance.

Dwarf Flesh basecoat.
That same day I happened to stop at one of the local gaming stores and bought a box of the new Hero Bases. The biggest base has a destroyed tank turret which can be used as a pedestal. I immediately thought that this would be a great way to redo She Who Milks. So above you can see the two models together.  She Who Milks is wearing that same basecoat that has been on that model for well over a decade now. I had a Dwarf Flesh basecoat on her which I was going to bring up to a pinky-fleshy color. (This was getting away from the temptation to paint her like a black and white dairy cow, as even I thought that would be just too damn silly).  I was going to copy a scheme from a model I had seen in White Dwarf at the time but I must have lost interest as other projects (and real life) no doubtfully pulled me away.

In the beginning  (i.e. the late '80s) Slaaneshi daemons were painted in a wide variety of disturbing and unsettling pastel colors. They were freaky. When the '90s rolled around they started to use caucasian flesh tones which looked disturbing also but a bit boring. In more recent times the purple-hued color the GW painters have been using for their Daemonettes has grown on me and I decided I wanted to give it a go. But I didn't know how they were doing it until I found Duncan's tutorial on Warhammer TV.

They start off by priming the model in Mechanicum Grey. Not having that paint, I decided to skip that and just paint the next color over the Dwarf Flesh.

Warpfiend Grey layer.
I painted Warpfiend Flesh over all the skin and the claws. The claws were already basecoated black and since I want them to be darker anyway I thought this would work out well.

Double-coat of Druchii Violet.
Next I applied 2 coats of Druchii Violet, and added another coat to the claws for a deeper tone.

After that I decided to deviate from the tutorial (it's just a guideline after all) and use a deeper color they have called, appropriately, Daemonette Hide.

Daemonette Hide coat.
Being that there is a lot more skin on this thing than there is on a typical Daemonette, it made a lot of sense to me to have an extra layer of tone.  I think worked it out nicely.

Warpfiend Grey applied again. 
After that, I got back to the script and added another layer of Warpfiend Grey. 

Slaanesh Grey top layer. 
Finally topping that off with Slaanesh Grey. Duncan suggested on the Daemonette to use this color as a highlight. Again, being the size that this model is, I chose to be a bit more liberal with this layer.

Slaanesh Grey/White mix highlight 
 And then I added a layer, in a highlight fashion, of a Slaanesh Grey / White mix. This I thought really did the trick. The model had a few small bumps which I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be... zits? Warts? I just painted them White and moved on. I Also added the slightest white highlights on some of the top-most areas of the minature. In particular I made sure to make the knuckles on the clinched fist white to perhaps accentuate the power behind that flex.

Black leggings.
In the end I decided to make She Who Milks wear black lingerie. I figure it would constrast better than anything else. Also any other color could throw off the entire model's vibe. And a clawed pinkish hermaphrodite cow demon has to have the proper vibe, yes?


Da Masta Cheef said...

Thought this old cow was cast away for good! Not just 4 years....

neverness said...

Ha! Your weak Farseer needs to brush up his banishment abilities!