Friday, September 22, 2023

The Original Old One Eye

 This is the original Old One Eye miniature released around 2000. 

In my last game with Da Mastacheef  I accidentally left my classic Screamer Killer at home and Joah, who just acquired a rather large Tyranids army,  let me use this model as a stand in. I agreed to paint it as a "thank you for this favor. 

The Screamer Killer's state when I borrowed it.

First of all, I picked out the meaty bits with Appellee Barrel Terracotta paint. This was followed by a glaze of Carroburg Crimson, then a highlight of Pink Horror

WIP, building up the colors.

The rest of the model was painted up to my typical Tyranids standard using my recipe for the purple and blues. 

After that I used Nuln Oil Gloss on the purple carapace and the claws. I really liked how this turned out. But, this being a heavy a clunky model, I felt I had no choice but to spray a clear coat over the whole this which dulled the Nuln Gloss. I liked that glossy look, so I apied 'ard Coat to the claws, carapace and fleshy bits. 

I think it turned out great in the end. So much so that I have a new appreciation for a model I once dismissed as silly at best.  I decided I wanted one for  myself and I lucked out and won an unassembled one on ebay for a surprisingly low price. I say that because mint in blister versions go for staggeringly high price there as do well painted ones.  So expect to see this winning smile on here again at some point. 

I've ran out of things to say. Other than, I really enjoyed working on this and that Joah seems to like it also. If your ever in the area you can swing by The Outpost in Johnson City to check it out 

Ok, we'll close this out with some glamor shots. Enjoy! 


XarfaiEngel said...

Lovely work! I really like this Old One Eye sculpt, even if he is one of the 3rd edition grinfexes. I should really try and get one for myself.

neverness said...

"Grinfex" LOL, what a perfect descriptor!

Dai said...

I always thought this sculpt was silly looking too. Like how you’ve colored him up tho

neverness said...

Thanks, he turned out good. As an update, I was able to win one if these guys in an ebay auction. He is used but complete.i hope to paint him up fairly close to this one.