Friday, April 29, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (part one)

After an exciting game of Warhammer 40K last Saturday, I discovered that my feeling about the technical benefit of Space Marines Drop Pods was correct and that I needed more of them! So I dove into my miniature closet for my other three unbuilt models  I got four of these Drop Pods in a sweet deal last spring, and the day they arrive I (sometime last June) immediately started working on the 1st one, only to not get it finished until January of this year (due mostly to all the traveling and time away from home my current job has me doing).

But while digging about on Easter Sunday, I stumbled upon a Land Raider Crusader kit that I must have started 8 or 9 years ago. I was painting the models on the sprue, much like how I did the Drop Pod actually, and probably moved before I could get to far into it.

I started to get back into it right around the time the Space Wolves Codex came out a year or so ago, only to find out that the metal blister packs inside were identical! This would make it impossible to build this correctly, and GW had long since cancelled this kit (the current Land Raider Crusader is all plastic). So, I went ahead and ordered the plastic sprue directly from GW. This would prove to not only be a more tactically advantageous option as far as the game was concerned, but also a more stable choice as well (plastic/metal hybird kits tend to be fragile).

So on Easter Sunday upon returning home from my Folk's house, I started to get really back into this kit. I started off by touching up and finishing the interior bits, and clipping of the commonets from the sprue to compete the 1st stage of construction. Although I'm not sure how much or well the interiors would be seen when done, I figured I wouldn't skip it anyway, as I loved the extra interior details.

So I got quite a bit done that night, which I shall detail in the next post (I'm just out of time tonight!)
But here is a glimpse:

'Til next time,



Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, the interior of my old crusader is fully painted, and if you open the front hatch & hold it to the light, and angle it just can see some of it.

neverness said...

Crazier people, or rather the more dedicated, even has theirs light up! I'm consider magnetizing the sponsons for removal though, and that would allow more light to get in for those who really want to see the inside. I thought about getting some of those bulk plastic marines from Charlie, and have them all standing within waiting to disembark. Or mount them in the next drop pod. Could take me forever to do it though, but man would that look cool...

Chrissy said...

Nice job Joeleee! Very pretty.