Sunday, May 01, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (part two)

Ok, so the idea of applying the base coat of paint, and finishing off small details in tough to reach places, is turning out to be a good idea.
This is the assembled hull. This was a bit tricky to put together as I kept discovering that I had left a part off and needed to work it in before the glue sets. (Could GW not list the order in which things should go together in their kit instructions?) It was tricky due to the doors which you have to leave unglued if you want them to be able to open and close. Before putting the sides on, there is a hinge mechanism that needs to be assembled so the two doors open in unison. This was tricky as any misplaced dot of glue could botch it.

With Step 1 complete, it was onto Step 2. Step 2 includes the sliding door, and insert panel and the sides.

The first side is now on. As you can see, in order to secure and assure a gap-free join, I used rubberbands. This is a trick my Dad taught me in my 'golden years of model making' in the mid '80s when we used to build model planes together.

And here is the 2nd side being glued into place.

And here the sides are now fully joined and I have begun the application of the tracks. Note the piece to the left is the top hull, track guards and engine cover. It's all one piece! I painted up the lights that go into the front of the track guards. I haven't put this piece on yet, as for now I begun assembling the side sponsons. No pics yet of this either, as I just got a new camera (yes!) which I'm still learning to use.

More next time!



Trevor Stamper (private) said... you think Space Wolves carry rubber bands on-board in case they need to reassemble their Landraider after a really bad hit?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Careful, on my old Chaos landraider, I used too much glue on the tracks, some dripped down into the front hatch bits & screwed it all up. I ended up having to glue the doors closed. :-(

Whereas those parts on my crusader are of the Forgeworld type, which were mis-molded and don't open & close properly either.

neverness said...

I'm having a bitch of a time with the side sponson gun mounts. They are very tight and don't swivel very smoothly. While moving it earlier, I actually poped the huricanes off of the mounting post... So far so good with the doors though!

Da Masta Cheef said...

When I built my crusader, I assembled one sponson, then built 2nd just like it. I ten went to glue it onto the tank only to find that it was all now backwards, and I had to take it all apart & reassemble it again!

I recall much profanity @ that point.