Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Space Wolves Gallery (part 4)

I discovered that I had some pics in a storage device that I need to clear that I never posted. So here they are:

This guy is a Wolf Guard that I painted around 2001. I still am quite pleased with how it turned out. For some reason I can not explain, I was thinking that the last ork weapon sprue that GW was putting into their blister packs towards the end of 2nd edition had a bulky crudeness that, with a proper paint-job and scope, looked fairly fitting for the Space Wolves. I'm not sure I have that same opinion these days, but this model works I think.

In this pic you can see the Auspex hanging from his belt,  which I painted some details on to indicate that it was on. Also the decal worked out well on the left shoulder pad. The key is to repaint over it once you've cut out all the air bubbles...:)

The model is supposed to have a power fist, but with the addition of two combat accessories from the original plastic Space Marine kit (RTB01) and some electrical FX, this guy now has a pretty cool looking lightning claw!
Per the fluff, I leave the "older" marines a tanner color on their skin pigmentation. The Blood Claws, when I get to them, will be quite lighter skinned.

This Rune Priest was also shown in a previous post, but this is a different angle. Note that most of the painting was done by Rob, the local hero whose 28mm combat is matched only by...well, it's debatable. But he's a swell guy, and I acquired this model in a trade. However he only had this model painted up to a Shadow Grey brightness, so I completed it by applying the next two highlights, and added more highlights to the bone areas. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, considering that I only did the mid-stages and the highlights!

I can't recall if this exact pic has been posted already, but I know I have already discussed this, so all I will say now is that I am completely determined to get that base completed before the new year!

'Til next time!


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