Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pods to Drop and Lands to Raid (and Speed) pt.9

Here I am on the road for business, and I have my Portable Neverness kit with me. Today I found time to do something with these minis. I worked a bit on the Landspeeder Typhoons. The one in the rear in this pic I tightened up the base coat, but now I'm contemplating ripping the crew out of it like I did for the one in the foreground. In short, I added a thin Skull-White highlight on the Space Wolf Gray top-coat, finished the pack marking on on the rear support, highlighted the black on the on the Multi-melta, and applied some more decals.

Here you can see the highlight on the gunner, and the decals (the number on top of the pack marking, and the Chapter symbol). I really had to resist painting that field yellow, deciding to not go all 'retro-2nd edition'. Maybe on the next one...?
Here is a view of the main hull with the white highlight. I'm having difficulty liking the angle that the multi-melta will sit once it's mounted. A friend suggested I just clip off the 'U' shaped mount and let it lay a bit lower. So, the only things left to do to the model is drill a hole for the ball joint (the original owner filled it in! Gah! I JUST noticed this! and I don't have the pin-vice with me), and finish painting the flesh on the pilot. And probably touch up his chest plate. I could have glued on the missile launchers tonight, but I'm not sure how well they would survive the trip home (remember, these are the original metal ones!). There were a few other details I wanted to hit, but hotel lighting generally is not fitting for miniature painting, and even with moving lamps around (haha, roomservice might hate me tomorrow!) it just wasn't as good as being at home. I did like the hight of the table and it was nice on the back, which has me thinking about making some changes to the painting station at home.

Ok, now finally, after 9 posts, we have progress on the Drop Pod #2. I've been hauling the box around for months and dabbing paint on the sprues ever since my first blog showing off the 'Portable Neverness' kit.

This was how I did the 1st one (see the 1st post in this series) and the Land Raider Cruesader (BTW, I've been working on the sponson Las Cannons as well, but just didn't think they were picture worthy yet). I just paint the components on the sprue so as not to lose anything and for better handling. I just finished the base coat early, and will soon move on to the mid-coats.

That's it for now!


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