Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Waaagh! Plane part 3

WAAAGH!!! This was a WIP test-fit. The cockpit fits so snug and perfectly into the hull.

Work on the Dakka jet continued last week. In fact I was going to blog about that and some recent gaming with Da Masta Cheef and Warfrog but instead felt the urge to rant about Dark Angel jet cycles. Well, back to our usual fare of WIP pics. 

Leaving off with Part 2 I started by applying layers of the old Blood Red on top of Scab Red, but the paint was going on thinner than I preferred, creating an interesting kind of red-rust effect. In this pic below I have half painted it and wanted to see what it looked like blown up on the digital camera for a more critical take on it.

After coating the whole plane, I glued together the pilot and the cockpit assembly, I will do the 'glass' canopy absolutely last (after sealing the plane- that last!). Considering that I tweaked my flesh-tone style with this ork, I'm pleased with how he game out: quite vibrant!

Here's a full body shot of the pilot snapped into the jet. The green does contrast perfectly against the red.

 It's subtle, but here you can see the "streaking" effect that I was getting with the Blood Red. I switched to a newer paint that just picked up, Mephiston Red. This new paint...I'm not sure about. I LOVED the color it was when I applied it, but I have never seen an acrylic paint change it's hue to the degree that this color did when it dried. Still, I was OK with the look, and thought that it solidified the color and got rid of the streaking.

The tail wings. Clearly who ever designed this jet never built model planes as a kid! It's like the one piece that doesn't easily attach (even though it looks like it should!) and I had to use paint pots to hold them in place while the glue dried. Here's the right one...
Here's the left one.

These are the colors that I have been working with. The Evil Sunz Red I will attempt to use as a highlight color.

And here it is with this stage done. I will next apply that Evil Sunz Red highlight, then start adding all the battle damage and wear to it while at the same time working up the metals and the rusty panels.

Red ones do go fasta! It's not a belief, it's a life-style!
Sadly I had hoped to get this done over the weekend and in time for this upcoming one, but work beckons me away, so I won't get it done quite as early as I wanted too. Shame 'cause I was going to take it up to Ohio for it's maiden flight.

I hope you've enjoyed this so far.



Da Masta Cheef said...

'...and wanted to see what it looked like blown up...'

lol, all in good time my friend...

Dude it looks awesome!

Jay said...

That looks totally badass!

neverness said...

Thanks! Yeah, these vehicles die hard but only if you have the right stuff to take them down (and they can jink). The dive bomber has a suicidal attack can actually cause it to actually create craters on impact! When I make that model, I wlll probably make the corresponding crater complete with the sprinkled random left over bits from these kits...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

Da Masta Cheef said...
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Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah, when i get one I am going to build it as the 'Stooka dive bomma' variant.

neverness said...

I want to build one a bit like the one in the new White Dwarf with the cockpit moved back to where the grot rear gunner sits. That looks rad!