Monday, October 22, 2012

War returns to Johnson City

Last Saturday night marked the return of public wargaming in Johnson City at Hobbytown. They just moved into a new (and seriously better) building, but while working through their lease are using the old one for gaming.

Most of us convened at a local restaurant before meeting up with our 6th player at the store building where we found that no tables had been set up yet. After about an hour of scrounging we found ourselves with 3 tables and a decent amount of terrain to get in some games. Hobbytown is promising to provide more scenery as time goes on but what we had was good enough.

We divided into 3 groups.

Table 1
Da Masta Cheef (Storm Warden Codex Marines with Dark Angel Allies).
RTvoril (Dark Eldar)

Dark Eldar playing nice with Dark Angels (from the Dark Vengeance set) during the Dark Millennium. Focus in on the objective marker.
Da Masta Cheef fought against a wonderfully painted and converted Dark Eldar army. I really enjoyed seeing this army. Very inspiring. Particularly his wonderfull objective markers, one of which can be seen in the middle of the pic above.

Commander: "Fire on those xeno scum!" Driver: "Arrrrrgh!!! A giant turd!!!Turn! Turn!!!"

Da Masta Cheef briefly discussed this game on his blog (see link above).

Table 2
Screech (Chaos Marines-Tzeentch)
Murl (Chaos Marines-Nurgle)

Sadly I only took one pic of this game, but from what little I was able to witness and over-hear it was quite the slug fest. Screech apparently won this somehow... I hope to edit some details back in once I get some.

"C'mon 'ere and kiss your grandma!"

Table 3
Hiveangel (Blood Angels)
Neverness (Space Wolves)

Our fight seemed to take a long time to start, as this was a mission and a layout that took some time to work out. It was also the 1st time using Bastions as more than just LOS obstacles, which distracted me a lot and I made some wonky tactical errors.

Blood Angel deployment. (Red ones hide faster)
Hive Angel wanted it known that his BAs are indeed a work in progress (like all of my armies are) so excuse their appearance. You can check out his blog for progress updates by checking his link out. 

Space Wolf deployment. More on that bastion if a future update...
It was an intense game, with our armor saves annoying each other, which seems to happen a lot in Marine vs. Marine fights. That is until I dared to fight LeMartes and the Death Company! Wow! That is some vicious competition right there! He clearly had an edge over me as slowly my units started to fall.

Setting up for the kill, the Death Company move in, and the Baal Predator looks strategically relocates.
I lost this by 2 points. Although I can not recall what the exact points were.

With the last bolter report fading in the vale, Screech and I locked up, leaving the hall of Old Hobbytown soaked with the blood of the fallen and the promise of more battle...


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, Death Company, not Deathguard. Those were on the other table, speaking of which, the caption to the CSM slugfest's photo is just hilarious!

Hive Angel said...

Thanks on the WIP. Masta Cheef gives me so much for being so headless. You camera brings the red out on them too.

I rolled a 5 for the int test on the Librarian and counted him dead when he has int 5. FAIL :(

The bastions are real paperweights me thinks. Of course I forgot my land paper weight as well.

Also give me some follow please so I will have 9 adventurers to blog with on the way to Mordor.

Da Masta Cheef said...

As they so deserves, headless

Overall, I was rather pleased with the bastion. Perhaps you should've added in the lascannon?

BEG-ging for followers? lol,

Anonymous said...

It was a good brawl indeed....we ended up even on primary objectives, but he got the secondary first blood and the first hq killed objective (forget that name...)..

Couple thoughts...

1) force weapons really hurt me. I lost the DP and my lord to them. In a normal list it wouldn't be as big a problem, as I could just avoid them, but that tzeench list had them everywhere.

2) I am not sure i like the new Daemon Prince... saddling the nurgle marked princes with slow and purposeful really slows them down. I may ponder a winged/jetpack conversion at some point...

3) the new rules for the chaos dread/hellbrute work well...nice putting the MVP on the table and not worrying about what it will kill in my army...


neverness said...

Murl,look at the model: It is the characture of what Slow and Purposeful should look like! LOL.

Hiveangel. Yeah, bummer on that I5, he definiately would've avoided the JotWW. I also have been wondering if the Librarian had some sort of Aegis suit that might've cancelled out the power?

As far as Bastions go, my original strategy was to simply shoot the opposing one. Considering how much easier blasting the people on top is (which Hiveangel so generously proved to me) this proved to be silly. Moving them in so they could only shoot out of the one fireport was even siller. What can I say, it's a new toy!

OK Murl and Screech: I haven't played either of you yet in the new edition, we need to fix that.

Hive Angel said...

Thanks for joining the fellowship. The librarian had a phychic hood, lol. He should have had a chance to stop both powers, lol. The things I forget.

Your Long Fangs survived a round of shooting against 6 missile launcher shots and 15 heavy bolter rounds and only lost one or two.