Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunker

Happy Holiday, for today is Easter, and those of you who celebrate it, may your day be filled with yummy edibles and chocolate delights. Today I am inspired to show off a piece of scenery that I created many years ago, around '99 or '00. We call it the Easter Bunker.

The "front".

Back then, Warhammer 40,000 was in it's 3rd edition, and one of the missions was called Bunker Assault and you got Victory Points for blowing up bunkers. Only GW was no longer supplying us with cardboard (or any kind of) bunkers. So if we wanted to play the Bunker Assault mission, it was left to us to scratch-build the bloody things (or use a shoe or something)!

The "back". Looks much like the front, right?
Scratch-building scenery can be a lot of fun, and when you create something that any one can look at and recognize it to be the thing you envision, and they tell you "hey, that's a cool bunker you got there" it can be quite satisfying.
Profile, to give you a sense of depth.

 Scratch-building can lead to stock-piling of what "normal" people refer to as "trash", but to us scratch-builders what the lay-person sees as "trash" we can see embryonic form of a complete trench system, or the foundation of an underhive industrial complex, or a lizardman pyramid, etc.

Sometimes however, you don't really have to work that hard to find the perfect thing to make into another thing...

The secret of the Easter Bunker revealed!

I hope you enjoyed that!


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, it was so funny when I picked that up & flipped it over the other night!

neverness said...

Yes it was! This has astounded quite a few people over the years...