Sunday, March 03, 2013

Long in the Fang (Part three)

The four Long Fangs completed in this round, ready for war.

This is the final part of this Long Fang series, that is, until I get around to painting more Long Fangs.
This part will feature the model that required the most work, the Squad Leader.

"I feel so dis con nect ed".
For models like this that can prove to be tricky to get to all the areas with a paint brush, I like to leave them in a semi-assembled state. In this model's case I left off the head, backpack, shoulder pads and melta bomb. This allowed me to paint all the areas of the model that might otherwise be difficult to reach if these components were already there.

If Hiveangel played Space Wolves. :)

This was the level I had brought the model up to prior to attaching the head. I used a really dark blue on the "plasma parts" of the plasma pistol, and used Ultramarine Blue as the mid-tone.

Aiming at you!
Leaving the head off allowed me to paint the area of the armor around where it would rest without spending a lot of time touching up the model. Placing the head so that he was kind of looking down his arm and aiming with the plasma pistol gave a lot of character and body language to the model.

Tin Bitz base coat

Tin Bitz was the base coat for what will become the gold sections. Also I have added the Space Wolf Gray highlight and finished the fur apron.

 Shining Gold added.

 Final highlights of white added throughout the model.

 Here is the model completed with all the components added.

Here you can see the highlights on the plasma gun, and the rest of the model. The melta bomb was painted to match the canisters on the multi-meltas that I recently painted as well. I added the decal to the shoulder pads before I glued them to the model. I find them to be a bit easier to work with doing it this way. Both of the decals in this pic are old 1st edition era decals. Of particular interest is the sergeant badge that I put on his left leg greave. I panted the yellow on the leg, and then placed the decal over it so as not to lose any detail that could happen had I attempted to 'color it in'. Due to the age of these decals I had to touch up the areas around the image to cover up the distorted color of the transparency. Apparently these old GW decals are not "acid free", and I suspect the new ones aren't either...

As per the 2nd edition Space Wolf Codex, I placed the Long Fang Squad Leader fanged red skull icon over the pack marking. However, while trying to reposition the decal on the shoulder pad, it tore! I lost most of the top of the skull, and I had to repaint it free-hand. Luckily I was able to get a fairly close color match to the decal.

That's it for now.

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