Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The rise of Waaagh Bink!

When billboards attack!
 The title says it all, but I'm sure it raises lots of questions as well! My old pal, the wild Bink, has quite a huge collection of Orks. Most of them are circa the late '90s and represent a good mix of 2nd and 3rd edition era models. He even has an Armorcast Gargant. None of his stuff painted with exception to few odd models here and there, but at least they were in a mostly playable state. Well he hasn't played in years and with his wife out of town for the weekend I was able to convince him to play at Hobbytown this past Saturday. We spent the afternoon working up lists on armybuilder, gathered up a fraction of his collection, and proceeded on down to HT in Johnson City for his first 6th edition scrap.

The Ultramarines deploy.
I brought the Ultramarines for their 3rd game, but mostly because the list I had didn't have any of the weird cheese that might shock a new player in it. Well, except the Legion of the Damned, but they aren't so much cheese as just weird.

I had 3 Tactical Squads (10 troop each), 4 man Terminator Squad, A Librarian in Terminator armor, Legion of the Damned, Land Raider, and a Whirlwind for 1500pts :

He had all of the above! 2 Bigmeks (The army warlord was escorting 2 deff dreds with his kustom force field, while the other took a shokk attack gun and hung out with the big gun battery). A squad of Nob bikers with a painboy, a 30-ork squad of choppa boys, and 30-ork squad of 'Ard boys. And the big guns were all kannons by the way.

Since this was a training game, I wanted us both to have fun. Understand that although he hasn't played in years, Bink is a shrewd tactician, so there was no "going light" taking place, but rather try to show him as many scenarios as I could for his orks to get involved with. Most of what follows will be highlights:

Turn one. The Orks run to and claim the 1st objective!

Both sides advance...
The Landraider and Whirlwind begin to whittledown the Ard Boyz.
The Bink went 1st and he blasted a few marines away with his big gunz and assorted shooting. My 1st turn was lame, with very few causalties claimed.

This was a 10-man squad but after a resounding hit by a Shokk attack gun, etc, this squad was reduced to just three guys!

The Deff Dreds approach!
Around turn 3, The whirlwind scores a direct hit on Big Mek, giving him a wound and blowing up one of the Deff Dreds! I thought it was definately the radest thing I've seen a whirlwind do in quite a while!

And from the mists, the Legion of the Damned appear!
The Legion of the Damned appear and start killing orks. Not many, but some!  Note that his is the very first time I have EVER used these guys in any edition despite the fact that I finished working on the unit way back in 1999!

Eventually my Terminators arrived and to have the shot up squad on the far left, and drive back the slugga bloys, only the Librarian gave himself a wound thanks to a Perils of the Warp result on double 1's. The nob bikers (only one of which did I manage to kill) came careening around the field to finish off the remaining member of tactical squad.

Can you spot the painted Legionnaires amongst all that metal?
The Legion of the damned were jumped on by the 'Ard Boyz who tore the mysterious marines up, but the one marine remained to tie up the orks, and keep them off of that objective!

"Super run away!"

The Terminators and Librarian shoot at the slugga boyz. With concentrated fire and a reduction of their numbers, the slugga boyz made a run for it! Almost off of the board!

Saved by the boys in blue!
Leaping from the Landraider, the tactical squad rushed into the melee with the 'Ard boyz and the last Legionnaire. They win the combat, forcing a route by the orks who are cut down! They consolidate toward the objective...but would it be close enough?

The deff dread takes taunts the survivors on the roof...

The game ended, and, with all his troops choices in route, or dead I thought I might just...oh. I forgot that that BigMek allowed the Deff Dreds to be taken as a troops choice, and he was just within the 3 inches of the objective! The Orks WIN!!!

Orks: Objective: 5pts total: 3pts, 1st blood, and Line Breaker.
Utlramarines: 0pts

We had a blast, with Bink getting a good grasp of the 6th edition rules, I think he's hungry for more! A few more training games he'll be able to take down cheesy crap like Blood Angels! He was damn near surgical with the shokk attakk gun and the kannons! I have never used 'Ard Boyz before, and Bink showed me the error of my ways!

Meanwhile, on the other tables:

Murl and Screech in a fight between chaos and Space Wolves. Both claim that is was close game and very fun! Glad to hear. I forget who who though...

Screech, walls of dice won't save your rhinos!

This looks like a nasty skirmish.....

 Da Masta Cheef, Hiveangel and a new guy.

Hive Angel's Blood Angels (some of whom now have heads, which is a paradigm shift that I am having a hard time adjusting too...) vs, an allied force of Tau and Eldar.

The "hide everything" deployment method.

 Maybe some one else can fill in what's going on here....

 ...and here...

Proxy Mephiston lacks the vampire mullet...:(
 I took this one when I heard the rage and gnashing of teeth coming from Da Masta Cheef's dying eldar. I guess it was bad enough getting slaughtered by Mephiston, but a proxy Mephiston was just too much to handle!

I think the Blood Angels won...

EDIT: Read the full report here: blood-angels-vs-allied-xenos-battle.


Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, sure I'll fill those captions in. Basically the tau were rolling so many 1's & 2's that even he said he had no idea what the new codex was like as nothing could hit, wound, save, or even arrive!

While the greater good took the initial brunt of the damage, he was rolling so bad that it was almost akin to my 1500 points vs. 3k, being a mainly fluffy list (though it works vs. you oddly), the results were quite predictable. We shall choose better allies next time!

In the end, I was tabled while some of the blue skins apparently managed to flee the field.

Hive Angel said...

1's and 2's indeed. It was awful to witness. It was cool, but it was a complete blood bath.

Kushial said...

Blood for the blood god, fluff blood for the fluff god

neverness said...

"Fluff blood?"

Dunno why the Blood Angels would be "eew" about blood baths, I would've thought that they probably do it recreationally...;)