Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Relic fight!

A weekend or so back, we gathered at the local Hobbytown USA for some gaming and somehow we decided to have a two vs. two game. I haven't done one of these in some time so I was keen to give it a try. It would be a fight to retrieve and capture The Relic. Who knows what that would be from a background perspective considering the Grey Knights (RT Voril) and Imperial Guard (Screech) would be sent to prevent the Space Wolves (your very own Neverness) and Lions of Harlech (Kushial's space marine chapter) from taking possession of it! We ended up using a metal nuclear symbol as The Relic. So whatever it is, it must be a bit of  radioactive STC or something else rare and warpy.
The Space Wolves and Lions of Harlech prep for battle. This is a combined 3k in points.

The Grey Knights, right after their Psychic Friends Hot line call-center shift ended... "Time for real work boys..."
The Imperial Guard, unwrapping their flyer spam to add to the Grey Knight cheese! ;)
The battle field. Note the dilapidated bastion at the edge of the shelled city.
Space Wolves and Lions deploy. Note my Lone Wolf way over by himself in the Lion's side of the table.
Close up and field view of Space Wolf deployment. The RT era Land Speeder hamming for the camera

Turn one- The Wolves and Lions Drop Pod into the Grey Knight's DZ and start messing things up. The Lions deploy a dreadnought and it takes out a basilisk (First Blood!). Sven and his four Wolf Guard quickly discover that they showed up a bit under equipped to charge the GK terminators, so they focus on the chimera but fail to destroy it.

Drop pod assault! Turn 1: Lion and Wolf pods line-break the GK & IG deployment zone!
Sven and Wolf Guard attack that Chimera, and fail....heads down, incoming!!!!
Combined wolf and lion attacks bring down the bastion!
Combined fire from the Lions and Wolves weaken the dilapidated bastion which has a unit inside and a command unit in and on it, A final shot from the SW vindicator sends the bastion crumbling down, killing a lot of IG!

Lots of retaliatory shooting from the Grey Knights and Imperial Guard! The wipe out my Fenrisian Wolves (surprise!) and wound my Rune Priest.

Well, that hurt!
The Lions took the Relic near the imperial statue, but they got blasted up pretty bad...

Also, the Grey Knights brought the pain the my Wolf Guard! One single Wolf Guard survived (sounds impressive but there were on four to start with, so...) and Sven, who break, and knowing no fear would advance on the surviving command squad in the crater.

Fight for the crater! Sven and his Wolf Guard attempt to get a Slay the Warlord VP! favorite pic from this game, right before the Dreadknight dove into the fray!

The Dreadnought said as this picture was being shot "Watch me make this Grey Hunter squad disappear..."

Bird's eye view of mid game carnage.
...and he did!

In fairness, those damned purifiers or whatever they are called just would NOT DIE!!! I shot so many things at that unit, and by game's end I think half the squad was left. Anyway, that last GH squad and that unit would be trading bullets for the rest of the game. By this point you can also see that the IG flyers had arrived, one went over to harass my Long Fangs (probably their worst performance in many games I think) and unload a Vet. Squad into the ruins where the Lions where holding onto the relic. On Kushial's flank he as storming the field pretty hard, but he did lose a Landraider (I want to say it was to a basilisk hit?).

Lions and Wolves hunt down the rest of the Grey Knights...

 The Relic is lost....

The last stand of the relic holder...looks like a firing squad doesn't it?
 ...however the Long Fangs and Lions would tear into this unit before they could claim The Relic!

The Lone Wolf finally sees some action in this game!
 My Lone Wolf assaulted and broke an IG unit. The pic above shows the last guy about to flee the table. The Lone Wolf would run clear across the table, kill these guys, and then lose a turn in the woods as I totally forgot he was there! Perhaps he was bloodletting? Or snacking on IG flesh? Or doing what dogs tend to do when they spot an awesome tree. Who knows! But that blunder would prevent him from finding his death in battle...

Die tank, die!!
 The Lions claim the Relic, while my surviving Grey Hunters try running up to assist.

Another squad get The Relic, and is shot to death!

 The purifiers or whatever those guys were shoot the Lions to death, along with a barrage of fire from the two IG flyers. My surviving Long Fangs failed to bring either of those damned things down! But they refused to leave their post either.

Game ends, and no one has The Relic!

End game, no one has the Relic!

GH & IG Deployment zone at game's end.

 Awesome game... oddly enough, I don't recall the VP score. I believe Kushial and I won by a point. I think we killed both Warlords, I had mine still alive (though with a wound), I think Kushial's might have lived, and we both had Line Breaker and my Lone Wolf awarded them a point by not dying. We got first blood as well. Truth me known, it doesn't matter, we all wanted that Relic and we had a lot of fun failing to get it! LOL

 Fun game, we all had a total blast! It was challenging for all of us, but that made it fun for all too.


Hive Angel said...

Nice ending to a bloody battle. If we don't get the relic nobody gets the relic.

+1 For large battle
+1 For not using the term FLGS

Kushial said...

Yep 4 VPs to 3 is how it ended. Line breaker for both, we had two warlord kills to their one (my librarian died), and then your lone wolf vp for them and we had first blood for the win